Jon Brockman Press Conference Notes

Jon Brockman officially declared his intentions Tuesday afternoon at Snohomish High School during a 20+ minute Q&A session with media. Covered topics included the reasons behind his decision, how the decision went down and what kind of player Washington will be getting in Brockman.

Jon thanked his family, coaches, friends and the community of Snohomish for all the support they've provided throughout the recruiting process. He then issued the following statement:

"It's hard to believe that everything is going to be over tonight. My decision came down to the University of Washington and Duke, two very different schools, but both with a lot of positive attributes. Duke, they've always been a machine. They are at the top, year after year. Washington is on the rise, with a lot of success headed their way in the future.

"Both Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) and Coach (Lorenzo) Romar are outstanding people and coaches. In this decision I really felt like I couldn't go wrong with either one I picked. I'm here today to announce that I have decided to attend the University of Washington. I'm extremely excited about this decision. I feel honored and lucky to be a part of the Washington family and to be a part of Coach Romar's team. I can't wait to play at Hec Ed, in front of such amazing fans and to finally get a chance to wear a Washington uniform. I look back on some of the great games in this past year, like the Arizona and Stanford games, and I know we can have many more of those experiences in the years to come.

Here is the Q&A following Jon's announcement:

How tough was it to turn down the other schools?: "Every single coach that I had on my list, I felt like I could go to any of those schools. I felt like they were the best and felt honored that they were recruiting me and that I got an opportunity to meet them."

When was the decision made?: "I actually made my decision on Saturday. I called Coach Romar and committed and shortly after called Coach K and told him the news. After I took my visit to Duke, I had all the information I needed, so I just took a while to take everything in. That Friday night was really the time that I decided that I wanted to go to Washington."

What was Coach Romar's reaction?: "It was kind of funny. When I made my decision, I called him up. I was supposed to take a trip to Washington this weekend, so I said, 'Coach, is it OK if I cancel my visit?' There was this pause, and then he started stuttering a little bit, like, 'Well, what does that mean?' I told him that I would like to commit to U-Dub. He started screaming. My Mom heard it from across the room."

And the reaction from Coach Krzyzewski?: "He's an amazing guy. He had nothing but good things to say. He said he was respected my decision and told me that it was an honor to recruit me. He wished me the best of luck in the future."

What worked in Washington's favor?: "I think in this last year they definitely proved what they could do. This year they will have more experience, they have almost all of their guys coming back. I think things are just going to get better."

How does he think he'll fit into the UW team chemistry?: "I think I'll fit in alright. The players, as people, are just great and fun to be around and play with."

Does he know any of the players very well?: "I know Artem Wallace from Toledo. I played against him a couple of times this summer. I played against Ryan Appleby all throughout high school. This summer we worked at a basketball camp through Run to Win and Mike Rohrbach, so I got a chance to hang out with him for a week."

On the number of Washington born-and-bred players at UW: "I think it's cool that we're all going to Washington, because that's where we are from. I think it's good that we are representing our home."

So who found out first about the commitment?: "I first told my parents, my coaches and then my girlfriend."

On the role of Jon's parents: "They supported me all the way. They wanted what was best for me, and once they realized that Washington was the right place for me they were nothing but happy."

How staying close to home was important: "It was definitely a factor, because I don't think there's anything like being able to play in front of your family and friends and being able to share that with them. It's comforting to know that they will be there with me."

On sister (and former UW hoops player) Kirsten's role in his decision: "She really just wanted what was best for me. I hadn't talked to her in a while, because she's studying in London, but I got a call from her today. She had found out, so she was really excited. I wanted to call her right back, but I don't her number over there so I'll be waiting for her call."

On Ryan Appleby's influence: "We talked about it a little bit, but Florida and Duke are such different programs. He shared what he went through at Florida, but he hadn't visited Duke before."

Has he ever made this tough of a decision before?: "I don't think anything compares to how tough a decision this was. It's my future, who I am going to be around for the next four year and where I'll be getting my degree. It's the rest of my life."

When did recruiting start?: "I got my first letter as a freshman from Notre Dame. That's when it started. It really started to pick up after my junior season and then picked up a lot more during this summer."

Where does he get his energy on the court?: "I think every single coach that I've had has told me just to work harder than the other person. And part of it comes from my Dad, because he told me that the more rebounds I go for, the more I'll get. That just pushes me to beat out my opponent on every single play."

On FOH Seattle teammate Martell Webster and his upcoming decision: "Me and Martell have talked about this and we both decided that we need to do what's best for us. I can't pick a school based on someone else going there because of injury or anything could happen. I could end up being the only guy playing there. We both decided to pick a school based on what we wanted. We were going to be selfish about it. I can't say anything for Martell, that's something he has to answer. He'll do what's right for him, but I wouldn't mind playing with him at all. I'd love to play with him again."

On his future position at UW: "I'm a little small to be a 5, so I will need to work on my perimeter skills and extend my range - really whatever Coach Romar thinks I need to do to step up to the next level."

Snohomish head coach Len Bone's thoughts on how he'll play Jon this year: "We will put him out there more. And really it's because he can play outside. I think that will help him, but we're doing it more because it's going to help us. It'll be a bonus for both of us. Jon can do a lot more than just play around the basket. Coach Marsh had him doing a lot of things this spring and summer away from the basket. That was pretty successful against a high-caliber of play."

On a possible head-to-head matchup with SPU (where brother Paul attends) in the future: "Actually the first game of the year is against SPU, so I don't know who I'll be rooting for. I know I'll be rooting for my brother, but at the same time I want Washington to win too. I've never really played him in a game, other than in the backyard."

On getting his decision out of the way: "I'm really relieved, really excited. A lot of people told me that a big weight would be lifted off my shoulders, and it's true. I feel a lot better now."

On why Paul wasn't at the press conference: "He's actually doing conditioning right now. I know he'd rather be here than conditioning, but they are starting up at SPU." Top Stories