Nathan Rhodes to Washington

<b>Nathan Rhodes</b>, a 6-7, 295-pound offensive lineman from East Bakersfield, Califonia and considered by many to be the top offensive lineman in the West, has made a decision about where he'll be going to college. For the next 5 years, he'll be calling Seattle his home, choosing <b>Washington</b> over <b>Tennessee</b>.

"I haven't talked to the coaches yet, but I've decided to go to Washington," Nathan told today. "I really don't know what the deciding factor was. I was in the shower, just thinking about things and I just decided that I wanted to go to Washington.

Nathan admits that the decision was a tough one to come to, mostly because of the scrutiny his announcement has put him and his family under lately. "It's been tough," he said. "It's been a really hard decision, pretty stressful. It's mostly been from everyone that wants to know where you want to go, the same 30 people asking the same question every day. The stress isn't all off yet because I haven't talked to the coaches, but people are finding out."

Nathan said that it was OK to run with this story now, as he feels very comfortable with his decision to attend Washington. "I expect to be a 4-year starter and I expect to redshirt next year," Rhodes said.

Nathan couldn't pick a particular Husky out, when asked if he's excited about seeing his new teammates. "Everybody was really cool, so it's not just one person I'm looking forward to seeing," he said. He did admit that he'll be making another trip to Salty's the next time he hits the Emerald City.

Any last words for Husky fans, Nathan? "I think we're going to go on a national championship run," he said. "The Huskies are going to be really good in a couple of years." Top Stories