Dawgbytes - 10/6

Don't let the numbers fool you. I'm sure that's the phrase being bandied about in the locker rooms of both San Jose State and Washington this week with regularity. The Huskies are arguably the best winless team in the country right now, as supported by the fact that they are double-digit favorites at home against the Spartans.

The same is being said at Montlake if you believe Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson, especially when talking about the goose-egg SJSU has put up in wins against UW. After watching film of the Spartans' monsterous 70-63 comeback victory against Rice, Gilbertson knows that the Huskies will have their hands full with a San Jose State team itching to break that 0-8 series record streak.

"There were a lot of one and two-play drives in that game," Gilbertson said Wednesday, referencing the SJS/Rice see-saw affair. "It's not only pivotal that we get pressure, but we also have to be able to cover. We aren't talking about curls and outs here. They can go deep, so we have to stay on our people and be able to play the ball in the air."

On the flip side, Rice was able to put up 570 yards of rushing against the Spartans. Does that give the Huskies any confidence that they will be able to put up some decent numbers on the ground?

"well, we have to be realistic about our style of play and who we are," said Gilbertson. "We aren't a wishbone team and everybody knows that. With all the things that kind of offense throws at you, they would be hard to defend. And plus, their team will be plenty confident after pulling out a big win like that."

Captains Charles Frederick and Derrick Johnson will give it a go Wednesday, Frederick suffering from a hamstring problem, while Johnson has a sore groin he suffered Saturday against Stanford. "Derrick might be further along than Charles right now," Gilbertson said. "It would be really nice to have Derrick one-hundred percent because of the speed San Jose State has with their skill players. I'm very impressed with the speed, skill and athleticism of their receivers and their quarterback throws a very nice deep ball.

"I'm very concerned with their team speed. This team is a much better San Jose State team than the one we were down at halftime to a couple of years ago. I'm sure they will come in with the attitude of 'nothing to lose', being underdogs. I have a lot of respect for them."

Frederick is making his case to get out on the field, especially considering the receiver corps are desperate for playmakers. "In talking to him he wants to play right now, but that's the way it was last year too and he may have come back too soon last year," Gilbertson said of Frederick. "It's like the Law of Diminishing Returns. We want to make sure that he's really ready to play because we've got a lot of football left."

To add to the depth issues in the secondary, Dashon Goldson was held out of Wednesday's practice for some groin tightness he's been experiencing since the loss to the Cardinal. "He's still a little tight from Saturday, so he'll be limited," said Gilbertson. "There's a chance he might not start."

Of the other players limited right now, Jon Lyon will practice Wednesday and Manase Hopoi practiced Tuesday, according to Gilbertson. "Juan Garcia practiced yesterday, but we'll hold him today. Mike Mapuolesega will try some things today, but it's the first time he's practiced in three weeks. If he did play on Saturday, it would be very, very limited."

Isaiah Stanback and Chris Hemphill both are looking like they will be available against the Spartans, if needed.

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