Martell Webster Press Conference Q&A

This is a transcript of the Q&A at Martell Webster's press conference Thursday afternoon at Seattle Prep, as the 6-foot-6 shooting guard verbally committed to the University of Washington.

First, Martell announced that he was committing to Washington. This brought thunderous applause from those in attendance. He then thanked UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar. "I really appreciate his honesty and integrity in supporting me, because when I started out on this, they were at the bottom of my list," said Webster. "They worked their way back up and I've been impressed by what they did this last season."

Webster then thanked all his friends and family, including his Prep teammates and his AAU teammates and coaches. His final thank you came to his Grandmother, Beulah Walker. "She's the most important person in my life, my inspiration," said Webster. "I really call her my mother, because she's been there and been like a mother to me. She's really been the backbone of my life."

He finished off his prepared remarks with, "I'm really excited about my choice to be a Husky." Then came the questions from the media.

When you dropped Arizona from your list, it seemed like a lot of the drama of your decision went away: "All I can say is that Arizona was looking for someone that could give them a full-time commitment. At time time, I wanted to play one or two years of college basketball and then go and try and get to the next level. I guess that made them a little nervous, because they were looking for a four-year man."

Talk about teaming up with Jon Brockman again in college: "I expect that we're going to do a lot of damage the next year we'll be there. I can't predict the future but I think we'll be alright. I've been playing with Jon for about five years."

What did Coach Romar say about you possibly going to the NBA?: "What Coach Romar told me is that he's going to back me up whatever decision I make. He also told me that if I decided to go out of high school - which I don't plan to do at all - he would be right there to back me up. So he knows that I might only go there for a couple of years and then try to go to the league."

So if you had a season that exceeded even your own expectations, would you go pro?: "That's a really hard one. A lot of high school players have put themselves in that predicament. A great example is the kid that's with the Timberwolves in his second year right now (Ndudi Ebi). That just shows you what happens when kids go out early. I want to prepare myself the best way possible so that I can step up to the next level. I really want to go to college and develop for a couple of years so I'll be prepared for the NBA."

What will you really have to work on before you go to U-Dub?: "The most important part I need to better myself in right now is my defense. You are going to need that even if you decide to skip college, and you need it for college too. I'm going to try to better every aspect of my game - defense, shooting, passing, everything."

Do you really believe that you and Jon are going to be catalysts for something big at Washington?: "It's been said that this year's class is one of the top recruiting classes around, and to get two really good nationwide players in me and Jon, then that's only going to help them get better players to U-Dub down the road. It will be the start of a dynasty, a really good dynasty."

Are you back to one-hundred percent?: "I'm 90-95 percent range. I'm still working out right now. In fact, when this is over, I'm going to go work out. Hopefully by the beginning of the season I'll be one-hundred percent. I should be ready by then."

Shooting guard, small forward? Where do you think you'll play?: "I just want to be a great defensive player and also an all-out scorer. I think I can play a lot of positions, anywhere from 1-3, so I don't see myself playing just one position."

Are you glad the recruiting process is over?: "I don't have to worry about the recruiting process anymore. I don't have to worry about 45 phone calls a day anymore. I can keep my head straight on the two most important things in my life - school and basketball. It's a lot of relief."

When and how did you let Coach Romar of your commitment?: "I called him at midnight Monday night. I was typing a paper. I'm a procrastinator (laughs). It just hit me then that U-Dub is the best fit for me. So I called him up at 12 and I couldn't really understand him because he just got his wisdom teeth pulled. When I told him, he said, 'Hold on a minute,' and then it was like he cleared his throat and then it was like, 'Are you serious? Are you serious? Oh my God!', and then we talked for about an hour. There's a lot of chemistry between us, that's why I feel like it's a good fit for me." Top Stories