Coach's Corner

Where do we go from here? Easy, we can only go up. That is the way the Huskies are heading simply because we've seen them lose just about every possible way.

This last time it was the kicking game that was victimized by, not one, but two blocks leading to the touchdown that put the game away against a very beatable Stanford team.

That's the really sad part about this year's team. They really could have won at least three of their games already and could be really sitting well in the conference race. Instead they are firmly planted in the basement and have the distinct possibility of having their first losing season in decades. It would take an obvious miracle to avoid it now, considering their injuries to Zach, DJ, and ET, not to mention that they are not a very good team in the first place. If Gilbs can pull that one off, then he should be given a lifetime contract.

Let's briefly go back. On the road against a Stanford team that was doing every thing they could to leave Washington in the game, the Huskies simply wouldn't take the game. Until this team learns HOW to win, they will continue to struggle.

With 3:42 left in the third quarter, the Huskies were only trailing 14-7. They were hanging in the game based upon probably their best drive of the whole season. Then all of a sudden they have not one, but three or four missed tackles on one run, and all of a sudden it's 20-7. Then the Cardinal misses the extra point, meaning that with two touchdowns, you still win the game.

Enter an interception, a return, and a Stanford touchdown. Game over. Again.

One short flurry of negatives and poof, everything you've worked so hard for is simply blown away.

It's been like that in every game this season. Negatives have followed negatives and the "double whammies" have buried the Huskies. It happened against Fresno with two straight Stanback turnovers, and against UCLA when they actually were winning the game, against a tough but not that good Stanford team. I didn't think Notre Dame was that good either, and that was proven last week by Purdue).

A bigger question in these parts though, is will the Huskies even win a game.

Everyone has assumed all along that the Huskies one sure win this year would be San Jose State. Well, the Spartans threw up 70 points in an absolute shoot out with Rice. Their confidence has to be on the ceiling about their pass offense matching up against the Huskies surprisingly porous secondary.

Still, they also gave up 63 points with their defense so maybe the Husky offense can control the game by playing ball control. The Dawgs are still playing every team tough and have never quit, to their credit. But they really need to put all the parts together this week and at least get a taste of victory. They need that first win, and it doesn't matter who it is they are playing. The basketball team went wild once they tasted their first conference win.

It's always hard to find positives when you're in a losing streak, but the defense is slowly improving with the infusion of youth. Grayson Gunheim showed the first speed off the edge in years and Scott White continues to improve his play at linebacker. Joe-Lo and Evan are getting better and the defensive line is deep enough now with the addition of some experience to the young guys.

The safeties now need to quit going for the knock out shot and just get the ball carrier to the ground. This has been atrocious. The corners are struggling right now as well, and now DJ is out. Still, the bottom line is that the Huskies must learn to handle adversity better. No more "Double Whammies!" Regroup, call a time out if you have to, but don't let two bad things happen in a row.

Oh, and wrap up your tackles a little better while you're at it.

While I'm making suggestions for improving their fortunes, I think it would really help if the guys who are suppose to be catching the ball start doing so. How about no more drops? If you're a receiver then catch the fricking ball. That's your job. Help the young quarterbacks out. Catch the ball. The blockers are blocking, the runners are running, and the throwers are throwing.

How about the catchers start catching? Is that too much to ask? Top Stories