Spartans come to Seattle

OK, a losing season is upon us. There doesn't seem to be any way around it, but a win on Saturday is a must if there is any hope of a turnaround. Here is how the staff sees tomorrow's game going down.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 3-1.

I dunno, but I really like Cal here. Very stout on both lines, a star tailback in J.J. Arrington, an accurate zinger in Aaron Rodgers (who I'd take over Matt Leinart in a PAC-10 Fantasy Football draft - his long ball is a thing of beauty), a legitimate star receiver in Chase Lyman, 19 upper-classmen starters ... and USC, for all its power, has shown periods of vulnerability versus Stanford and Virginia Tech. The Bears' absolute dismantling of Oregon State on the road sets them up well for this doozy in a sold-out L.A. Coliseum - where Cal has won three of the last four meetings. So even though they've never beaten a No. 1-ranked team, I like Da Bears. Say What? I need to pick a Husky score? Bien, si je dois, Je dois

Prediction: Washington 31, San Jose State 24
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 3-1.

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Prediction: San Jose State 24, Washington 16
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-1.

Desperation has set in. And maybe that's a good thing. If the Huskies can get one win under their belts, it may go a long way in reestablishing the fun of the game. This team just doesn't look like they are having much fun. Kind of like watching the Husky fans eat their young on the message boards these days. This game will be a tough one, which is really saying something for where this program is. Still, win number one should happen on Saturday and maybe some smiles in the locker room will break the tension for a day.

Prediction: Washington 27, San Jose State 23
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 3-1.

Vegas is taking prop bets on which number will be bigger: San Jose State points or total fans left in the stadium after halftime (whether the fans have left due to bad football or the Band Day halftime show is yet to be determined). The Huskies will field fewer captains than Lichtenstein's army Saturday, so someone needs to let their performance do the talking. Washington looks for big plays to get their confidence going, and will get them with a strong running game and intimidating hits from their linebackers. This week my shoelace got caught in the wheel of the Baird bandwagon, which keeps going somehow despite the fact that Grinolds lost the keys...

Prediction: Washington 34, San Jose State 17
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 2-2.

As can be said about all Husky games this season it won't be pretty. It will be the smallest crowd in Husky Stadium in years and they will bail on this yawner early. What cannot be said about all Husky games this season is that the Dawgs should get the win.

Prediction: Washington 35, San Jose State 21
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 2-2.

Will this finally be the week we hear a couple "Touchdown Washingtons!"??? Let us all hope, for the sake of the sanity of everyone and everything associated with the Purple and Gold. If the Huskies lose this game to lowly San Jose State and drop to 0-5, all of a sudden no game looks winnable. The Spartans are coming off a ridiculous 70-63 win over Rice, a game that had 19 touchdowns in it, so it looks like the Husky offense is going to have to put points on the board to stay with these guys. My guess is this one won't be as close as many fear, as Carl Bonnell throws for two touchdowns and Kenny James runs for two more.

Prediction: Washington 35, San Jose State 20
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 2-2.

It's finally time for the Washington players, coaches and fans to have some fun... There's only one guarantee this week and that is that we will be in a competitive game. I'm ignoring the fact that it is San Jose State, by which I mean that I'm simply looking forward to seeing positive things happen and the Husky offense putting points on the board.

Prediction: Washington 42, San Jose State 34
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 2-2.

The Huskies have to do two things, and two things only against San Jose State - eliminate the big play and value possession. If they can keep everything in front of them and keep the Spartans to 3 points instead of 7, they will be way ahead of the game. If they do that, the only way UW loses is if they hand 28 points to SJSU the way they did against Fresno. Carl Bonnell has to learn from mistakes made at Stanford and he has to get some love from his receivers.

Prediction: Washington 34, San Jose State 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 2-2.

I think we will win this game. I believe we should win this game. Lots of reasons, but the main is that I feel UW has better players. This is a game where the DAWGs should be salivating to run on San Jose. Yet on the other side of the field I bet the Spartans are raring to go against our secondary. Points will be scored in this game, that I am certain about. Hope we will score more. I know we can.

Prediction: Washington 35, San Jose State 27
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 2-2.

Has it come down to this? San Jose State a "must-win" game? 17 point favorites -- and wondering if that is too generous? If Washington wants to save ANY face this season, they will go out there and take four games of frustartion out on San Jose State. Nothing against the Spartans, but somebody has to be the sacrificial lamb for a disturbing season.

Prediction: Washington 20, San Jose State 3
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 0-4

I'm sick of losing. I'm sick of dropped passes, missed tackles, bad angles by safeties, and poor kicking game mistakes. It's time to take all this out on someone, and San Jose State are going to be the on the receiving end of a Husky explosion. This team needs a win worse than Bob Huggins needs a tutor for his hoops team. And the Huskies will get one, while Huggins continues to graduate zero players from Cinncinati.

Prediction: Washington 38, San Jose State 20
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