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Washington players were happy to get their first win under their belts. Now 1-4, the Huskies get back to conference play with a match up with Oregon State next Saturday.

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  • Evan Benjamin (game high 13 tackles) - When asked about holding San Jose State to two field goals in five trips inside the red zone:

    "No touchdowns! (laughs) It feels real good when they get into the red zone and we can make a big stop. When they got to the one yard line, we say "hey, we're not gonna let you guys in. We're gonna hold you to three points. That right there is a big a momentum changer. Once the defense got the ball rollin' we fed off each other a bit. When they were down in the red zone that one time, when we got them to 3rd and long we knew we had ‘em."

    When asked about the offense's 99-yard touchdown drive:

    "99 yards! Ouch! That's the game change right there, definitely. When we can stop them at the one-yard line and get off the field, then they get a 3-4 minute drive, that gives is a rest and it kills their defense. Defensively, we just got after them today, and we really prepared well."

    One what he was surprised about:

    "The thing that I was surprised about the most was the deep ball. We watched a lot of film on them and we saw that they throw the deep ball a lot. They did throw the deep ball a few times on us, and actually got a couple of flags out of it, but not much else. We stopped their run, and I think that that shut down their game down a bit."
    LB Joe Lobendahn - "Towards the end of the second half the game was getting kind of out hand, so we came back to the sideline and (the coaches) were saying you gotta keep your feet and tackle with your eyes. So that's what we did.

    "Last week against Rice they scored 70 points, and that's a lot of points. So our approach was, let's stick to our game plan, do what we do best, and play hard. And that's what we did. I feel good and I think that all of us feel good. I'm just excited that we got a win.

    On a Hawaiian TV crew coming to Husky Stadium:

    "I noticed that they were here. They had contacted me 2-3 weeks ago and said that they were coming here to do something on the Hawaiian boys (on the Husky team). It was great to see them coming here, it feels good, it shows a lot of love, for them to come to the states and cover us."

    On the goal line stand:

    "There was gap defense. I thought they were gonna run the option. The ball hiked and the QB kept it, and I just jammed the center and we stopped him, and kept them out of the end zone."

    "We gained a lot of confidence, but there are a lot of things we need to work on. We need to work on our tackling, as we missed a lot of tackles that kept their drives alive. We need to improve."

    "They came out running, and I was surprised; I thought they would come out throwing. You know, I'm a middle linebacker, I like action, and middle linebacker, that's where the action is (laughs)."
    Jordan White-Frisbee - On the quick transition from high school:

    "The jump from high school to college is huge. All the training you did from when I graduated to when I started. But there's so much training, so I figured that I wouldn't be able to get to that level physically, so I'm able to bang with these guys, so that's been a surprise. I see the older guys and how they're working hard, so I figured I might as well join them (chuckles). "It's definitely a relief to finally get the win. It's been a long time. We practiced hard all week, and did our best to get off the ball. In the locker room today we could finally smile."

    On playing the Oregon State Beavers and USC Trojans the next two weeks:

    "Growing up I have always seen these Pac-10 teams, and the Beavers, and seeing the Huskies trounce them all the time (chuckles). So hopefully we can continue the tradition next week. Playing USC also will be in the ultimate test. I can see where I fit up on that, see what I need to improve on. I do that after every game, but against USC, in competing against the very best, I can see where I stand and what I need to do become the best."
    Casey Paus - "Coach didn't say much, he just to me warm up. We went out there and made some plays, and we had some drops, but that is just part of the game. We had the momentum, and we competed well and we started to run the ball. The weather had little impact on the game, and when you're able to run for 260 yards, that's exciting for me. It's a great thing for all those guys. I support those guys and I hope that they support me. Especially those guys up front, it's exciting to see them run the ball that well.

    "I didn't know that Carl was injured, to be honest. I didn't know what he was thinking or what he was doing. He played a great game. They gave him some looks we expected, and some things we didn't expect, and that's all part of the game. At the same time, we need to keep running our style of offense. It's not going to change from him to me. And today we were running the ball well.
    Matt Fountaine (making his first start) - "Today we were focused on how we can play hard every snap, as fast as we could. From an individual standpoint, that's what I was focusing on, play hard every snap. Especially with the skill players that the Spartans have, where they can go 60-70 yards on any given play, we just wanted to contain them and play hard. Our front seven and safeties played hard and really out this game away for us. It really helped us DBs back there."

    On whether the Husky defense had relaxed its effort, in allowing two long runs immediately following Kenny James' first touchdown:

    "San Jose State has proven that they can move the ball, and they were simply making a couple of play there. We were playing hard. That's all that was. San Jose State is capable of making big plays."

    On communication with his relative and former Husky Jamal Fountaine:

    "Oh yes, I talk to Jamal all the time… He just told me coming into my first start today, stay on assignment and play hard."
    Carl Bonnell - "After the first drive I felt pretty good, and in the second drive it started getting worse and worse. I could have continued. But it got to the point that as an offense we weren't getting any production. So we needed to get a new guy in there to make some things happen… It doesn't do anything to my confidence, I understand the game of football and I know what these coaches are thinking. I'm a good quarterback and I'm going to get back out there and start competing. I'll just have to improve as best as I can."

    "The weather was a little challenging, you'd always like to have perfect weather, but if you don't have it, then you deal with it. You're not as confident with your throws. I threw a couple of balls that I've never thrown that badly before. One play its blowing one way, and the next play its blowing the other way, so it's tough but you deal with it."

    On what he said to wide receivers who were dropping the ball:

    "Keep your head up... If they're good they'll get open. Just catch it. It's their job."
    Scott White: - "You can't play the perfect game. They have 85 scholarships just like we do. I was really impressed with San Jose State's speed on the perimeter. That number little 8, that guy is really special. I heard our defensive players coming off the field and saying damn! Those guys are fast! I think we just need to clean up the little things we did wrong, and build on the positive things we did to build on this momentum going into Oregon State."

    On his public comments last week to incite his teammates to play better:

    "I don't think that they felt I called them out. It wasn't my intention to anybody out, let me clarify that. But I think that they will see me more as being a leader. Especially since we lost Derrick (Johnson) for however many weeks and we lost Zach (Tuiasosopo) for the year, so somebody has to step up and be the leader. So like Joe (Lobendahn) was saying, that he can't be the only one being vocal and getting guys going. So I said OK, let me step into that role and help out Joe in doing his thin to lead these guys. I don't know if it is my role, but I want to step up and do what I can to help out."

    "I think this win is huge for us. It gets the monkey off of our back. At the same time, we still have 6 tough games left on our schedule against some key opponents."
    Kenny James (189 yards rushing and 2 TDs) - "We started off kind of slow but then made some adjustments. The line went out there and did a great job of blocking, and Sims and I did a great job of running threw the holes, making first downs and touchdowns. If the line can continue to improve, and if the running backs can continue to improve, we do some more of this for the rest of the season."

    "This win will boost our confidence a lot. We knew all along what this team was capable of, and we came out and did it. The defense made some great stops and we ran the ball well."

    "Regardless of whether Carl or Casey is in there, they both came in and did a good job today. I am comfortable with both of them."
    Khalif Barnes - On Oregon State having a BYE week:

    "They have time to do a lot of things. They can study our film tape from the last five games and it gives them an extra week to prepare. They will use it wisely. They like to play in Husky Stadium, and they'll use it wisely. They are in the same boat as we are, you know? They need a win, and I think it's a gonna be a big game. There a good outfit, and I remember them going down to Louisiana and almost upsetting the defending national champs. So by no means are we overlooking this game. We just lifted a rock off our shoulders, so we can go forward with this."

    "We played as a team. Offense, defense and the kicking game. Anytime you do that, on the road you have a 90% chance to win. Their defense will come in and try to get fired up, and it's up to us to get the crowd into it and we need to play a good game."

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