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Winners Win
Troy ‘Cubby' Wadsworth III

The Tedford Bears showed that they are not quite ready for the big stage of the LA Coliseum where they kicked away a chance to upset the nation's finest team. Three fumbles on offense and three big special teams errors doomed the Bears to defeat, despite the brilliant coaching job by Tedford that allowed his smaller squad to dominate USC and out gain them two to one. It was a stunning lesson in how good coaching can get a smaller, less talented team in a position to win. Tedford expected to beat the Trojans, as hard as that might be to believe.

Tedford will need to clean up those special teams if he ever hopes to coach at the legendary home of the special teams master himself, Don James. Not that Washington needs a new coach anytime soon. I know Trojan fans are pulling for Gilby to make it up there. He's a true Husky through and through and deserves several years to get it together.

USC jumped on Cal early and then hung on behind an inspired defense that was gashed, but never crashed. Aaron Rodgers erased Rick Neuheisel from the Pac 10 record book with an out of this world passing display. He is just the latest Stedford Wife QB developed by the nations second best coach.

Pete Carroll showed why he is still the best as he gathered his defense together on the sidelines for one last goal line stand in the final minute. Carroll called the schemes and fired up his troops, who then proceeded to put the clamps on Cal and dance the night away in a riotous display of excess and debauchery. Hey, it's LA baby!

There was reaction from around the world of college football after the instant classic at the venerable Mausoleum.

Mike Bellotti said that he wasn't sure that the best team on the field won.

Rick Neuheisel countered with a rousing Scoreboard Baby!!! and then went back to developing brilliant quarterback play at Rainier Beach High.

Keith Gilbertson continued to bleed purple and gold while Husky fans just bleed period.

(The views of Troy Wadsworth do not necessarily represent the views of

My sources tell me that Race Bannon watched the tape of the game with a tear in his eye as he remembered back to the times when a jam packed Husky Stadium was the place for the Pac 10 game of the year. How many tears when USC lights up those Dawgs for half a hundred?

The week ahead:

The Trojans now turn their attention to another unbeaten foe heading their way. The ASU Sun Devils have bedeviled the Trojans over the years, matching up with them physically, and holding their own in the series. The lack of a running game will be their downfall this year. Cal was able to keep the Trojan defense off balance with the run and the pass. The Trojans can load up and crush Andrew Walter, leading to a surprisingly easy win for the nation's finest team.

The surprising UCLA Bruins still haven't gone into their annual post UW meltdown and appear to be improving each week. They kept the Wrong Stoops winless in the Pac, in an easy win, and now stand in the way of Tedford 's BCS bowl plans.

Cal has the running game to bruise the Bruins, but they need to clean up the mistakes to beat their satellite campus team from Beverley Hills. UCLA has plans of their own, and that plan is to make the LA City Championship game the one for all the marbles. Silly Bruins

CAL - 38
UCLA - 20

USC - 31
ASU - 19

Dawg Day Afternoon
Race Bannon, under sedation and armed guard

Perhaps you will listen to a real columnist since your humble correspondent has been saying this since spring to no avail.

"The best option at this point might be Stanback. The Huskies don't have enough difference making athletes not to give Stanback his chance." Blaine Newnham - Seattle Times 10-10-04

The Dos Palos Legend, Kenny James rode to the rescue of another offensive offense day at one quarter filled Husky Stadium. Kenny ran the rock for 189 yards after a band of thugs kidnaped Gilby and stole his passing plays, forcing the Huskies to run the ball up the gut against a weak foe and actually win a game for the first time this season.


Coach Gilbertson put together a brilliant game plan and an electric Husky Stadium was thrilled to see the hometown eleven spank a tough foe who had speedy wide receivers.

The Husky defense put the clamps on the Spartans and held them under 150 yards and kept them out of the endzone all day long, despite some errors leading to great field position for SJSU.

It was a big win for the program and one that has filled Husky fans with confidence for the remaining games on the schedule. Both Bonnell and Paus look like they can lead this team to the promised land. More improvement was shown as the Huskies only botched one punt this week.

It is all good, my fellow Husky fans. Please send help!

Dawgs versus Beavers in NW Cup elimination game

The loser is out in this match up of one win teams at Husky Stadium Saturday. The Beavers defense is as over rated as we predicted, giving up 53 to Bosie and 49 to Cal. However, the Husky offense will make the Beavs look like the 91 Huskies. OSU can put 11 in the box and stuff the run leaving the Huskies hopelessly over matched and in serious danger of getting shut out.

If Mike Reilly will just not let Derrick Anderson lose the game, the Beavers should leave Seattle rejoicing. Move over 1985 Huskies, the 2004 Dawgs will lose to OSU in Seattle. Don James was the coach then and if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone. So knock it off.

OSU – 3
UW - 0

Zeroed Out in Pullman
Mallard N. Moore

You just don't walk into Martin P. Vandal Stadium and ring up 600 yards on the vaunted Cougar defense.

You just don't overcome a 10 point lead in the final minutes unless you're the Washington Huskies in an Apple Cup.

The Oregon Ducks just did, saving a season that was headed to Umatilla, and in the process taking the front runner position in the NW Cup standings. The Dynasty is dead. RIP.

With the collapse of the Husky Empire and the annual Apple Cup loss back on the docket for the Cougars, the Ducks should breeze to the title.

Kelly ‘Don't call me Clarence' Clemmons played the game of his life in leading the Lemon and Lime to victory. If he can finally have a good game against the Huskies, sweet revenge will belong to the Ducks.

"We are awfully young" commented Cougar coach Bill Doba as he sat in his office scanning the internet for retirement communities. "I don't want to throw Mike Price under the bus, but his recruits suck as bad as Neuheisel's. We looked like midgets out there next to Oregon."

"I hope this put the rumors of my demise to rest" exclaimed Mike Bellotti as he had the last of the dissidents rounded up and imprisoned. "I couldn't help but notice that Tedford lost today" he crowed while hoping that Knight would shut up for at least a week.

Oregon is back in the thick of the Pac 10 race for San Diego and now welcome Arizona to Autzen Arena. This game is tailor made for the Ducks and should be an easy win.

UO - 38
UA - 7

Stanford - 12
WSU - 10

The best of the rest:

A classic game took place in the Swamp as LSU hung tough all night before stealing a win over Florida in the last minute...Nick Saban saved his job and Steve Superior was sighted in Gainesville talking to the UF president ...Texas was much better, but still not good enough to beat OU as Adrian Peterson ran roughshod and the Sooners shut out Texas, winning 12-0...Texas suffered their first shut out since 1980...Steve Superior was sighted in Austin talking to the UT president...Notre Dame beat Stanford in a classic match up of average teams who beat the Huskies...Steve Superior was not sighted in Palo Alto...Have we missed any Steve Superior sightings?...Don't miss Louisville and Miami Thursday night...Tennessee won at Georgia with a true freshman quarterback...Fresno CC lost again...this time to Mike Price!...Ouch, Gilby Guys...but enough snide remarks for one week....see you Saturday, plenty of good seats available!

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