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Who would have thought a few raindrops would be a welcome sight to a recruit, but in the case of James Paulk, he can't get enough of the liquid sunshine. In fact, when talking to the UW commit from the College of the Canyons, it's amazing to hear how a Georgia native has a fondness for the wet stuff.

"It was good," Paulk told Dawgman.com Tuesday about his official visit to Washington this past weekend, a visit he set up with UW linebackers coach Chris Tormey a couple of weeks ago. The Huskies defeated San Jose State 21-6 in a game that lacked a ton of excitement, but that didn't stop James from having a good time. "I had fun. I did some things with the team, saw some things that I'll be doing when I get up there."

The 6-4, 290-pound tackle prospect originally from Appling County High School in Georgia came out west to play for the College of the Canyons two years ago and hasn't looked back. "We're number-one in the country right now," he said. "We're 5-0 and playing pretty well right now."

Paulk's player hosts were Jovon O'Connor one day and Nathan Flowers the next. "They told me that it rains a lot, but it's worth it, and I believe them," Paulk said. "It's a beautiful place and it's someplace I want to experience."

The trip to Seattle was Paulk's first to the Emerald City, but it wasn't his first foray into the Northwest. "I stayed in Portland for a month and a half last year," he. I was visiting some friends that I met out here. They moved up there. I liked it."

Paulk came in Friday and stayed until Sunday. "Man, there were so many places I went to, I can't remember 'em all," he said. "We got a tour of the campus, which was nice.

"I loved it (the visit). Each coach talked to me and some of the players talked to me about the things I would be seeing when I got up there. I already knew about a lot of it, but I wanted to experience it for myself. The visit just made my decision a whole lot stronger for when I sign with them."

So what was the highlight of Paulk's visit? "It was the Space Needle that got me," he said without hesitation. "When I first walked in, I could tell it was moving. I had never been in something that high before. It was great seeing Seattle like that, and the different parts of Washington."

Khalif Barnes, C.J. Wallace, Scott White, Stanley Daniels, Jovon O'Connor and Nathan Flowers were the main players Paulk mentioned. "In fact, I talked to a couple of them today," he said. "They are showing me some love, and I really like that.

"My decision is one-hundred percent strong right now. USC, Oklahoma, Texas A&M ... I've got everybody. And I'm picking Washington over those schools, so I can't think there's going to be anything that's going to change my mind."

So what was it about UW that impressed Paulk from the beginning? "To be honest, I wasn't really onto their program all that much, but when I stayed up in the area for a month and a half last year I really liked the weather and I knew that's where I wanted to be," said Paulk. "So it was going to be Oregon, Oregon State or Washington. And then I started to think about Washington being the best school for me.

"It was all because of the weather. I got to talking to the players and they are all great guys, so I want to go up there and experience it all with them."

It seems foolish to ask after talking to Paulk for a few minutes, but he doesn't see the need to take any other official visits. "As of right now, I wouldn't want to because I'm not going anywhere else," he said. "I'm pretty much sure about Washington right now. It would be lovely to take them, but what would be the point if I'm not going to that school."

Per his conversations with the UW coaches, Paulk will immediately compete for playing time with Chad Macklin at left tackle, and he will have three years to play two starting the fall of 2005.

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