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Washington now has a win under their belts. Non-conference, albeit, but still a win. Will that be contagious and get the ball rolling? Here is what the staff thinks of the game with Oregon State.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 4-1.

I've tried to figure every which way to logically find a Husky victory chance. Maybe Derek Anderson is abysmal against all teams dressed in Purple. Maybe Oregon State runs the football as well as ... as ... well, can't think of anyone. Maybe Washington will bring a myriad of blitz looks and fluster Anderson into four more interceptions. Maybe it's going to rain. Maybe Washington is overdue to play better at SOME point this season. But reality is reality, and the season is no longer in its early stages (perhaps thankfully). The TRUE basement battle will be when Arizona comes to visit on November 6. Though they've been an utter disappointment since blowing it at LSU, the Beavers should be ready to rip after two weeks of re-assessment. And the Huskies, who will be down to zero senior starters on offense if Joe Toledo starts, are just about down to their last roll of one-ply.

Prediction: Oregon State 27, Washington 14
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 4-1.

Washington won with defense last Saturday, stuffing San Jose State three times when they were deep in Husky territory. Well, this weekend, Oregon State is a little different animal. Derek Anderson has a bad habit of throwing to the wrong guys, and Washington has really benefited from that in the past. I think this is the game that Anderson figures out that the guys in Purple are the bad guys. Haas lights up the Husky secondary and the fans leave early in droves.

Prediction: Oregon State 40, Washington 17
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 4-1.

"Do it for Khalif! And Zach! And Gilby's hip!" Who knows what inspiration the Huskies will use this week to get them geared up for the tussle with the Beavs. John Pettas has been wearing Braxton Cleman's NW Championship t-shirt to bed every night this week in hopes of inspiring a successful offensive game plan. Unfortunately, our offense will only continue to sputter. In a retread of the UCLA game (without all the offensive records), only turnovers will keep the Dawgs close. They'll need at least five to win though... so they'd better not hit Anderson too hard.

Prediction: Oregon State 23, Washington 20
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 3-2.

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Prediction: Oregon State 3, Washington 0
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 3-2.

When was the last time a 1-4 visiting team came into Husky Stadium and was favored to win by 6 points? Does anyone remember when Oregon State was a gimmie and the Huskies were circled on everyone's calendar as a game that meant something? Ouch. The hits just keep on coming.

Prediction: Oregon State 28, Washington 17
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 3-2.

Bad got worse during the week when weak tackle Khalif Barnes, arguably the Huskies' best player, broke his wrist during practice. He'll likely be out the rest of the season, yet another blow to an already down-and-out team. I know Oregon State has had a rough start to its season, much like the Huskies, but after seeing UW's poor play against lowly San Jose State last week I don't know that I can pick them to win again this season. Will they? Yes. But who knows when that might be. Against the Beavers and senior quarterback Derek Anderson, I just don't see it being this week. *Whimper* . . . Here comes 1-5.

Prediction: Oregon State 31, Washington 14
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 3-2.

In what shapes up to be a defensive struggle, I think the Beavers' D will prove too stout for the Dawgs. In what figures to be the key stat: if the Beavers can score more points than Derek Anderson has interceptions, look for OSU to prevail in the 4th quarter.

Prediction: Oregon State 13, Washington 10
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 3-2.

It's hard to see a lot of positives in Saturday's game, especially with the injuries to Khalif Barnes, Donny Mateaki and Carl Bonnell. Perhaps this game will be a launching pad for other players - like Isaiah Stanback, James Sims, Quintin Daniels - actually I could name anybody from the young receiving corps. Casey Paus is once again in the unenviable position of trying to keep from losing a game, as opposed to going out and trying to win one. The offense absolutely has to hold onto the ball after getting several early x-mas presents from last Saturday's officiating crew. In the end, Oregon State's defense will be too tough and Derek Anderson will finally play the game against UW that he's wanted to play since first matriculating to Corvallis.

Prediction: Oregon State 28, Washington 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 3-2.

I don't have a good feeling about this game. We lose another senior captain. Every mistake appears to become monumental this year. I know this team can win the game. Playing error free would go along ways towards that end. Otherwise that Beaver defense will eat us alive. Defensively we could see some Anderceptions. Maybe giving the Husky offense more chances, they can begin to get it smoothed out. But not enough to overtake the Beavs.

Prediction: Oregon State 29, Washington 24
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 3-2.

Another one bites the dust...Without Khalif Barnes on the line, the main question I ask is this: Will Bill Swancutt have a career day versus the Huskies? That seems to be the trend these days. But I also see that Derek Anderson has a little "Jason Gesser" in him -- he just can't beat Washington. So this is how I see it: For two programs having down years, I will pick the program that has always been traditionally stronger to come out on top, but not by much.

Prediction: Washington 21, Oregon State 20
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-4

My record reflects that of the team, so if you are going to Vegas, don't take me with you. However, I will tell you that I think the Dawgs are going to shock you all this weekend. Oregon State is too cocky for how poorly they have played and Washington will take them out with a solid rushing attack, and Derek Anderson will struggle in the rain and go down hard.

Prediction: Washington 27, Oregon State 14
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