Keith Gilbertson Post-game quotes

You've got to give Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson credit. He's well aware of the mind-numbing struggles currently taking place at Washington. He knows he's playing with a team bruised and battered by injuries. He could easily be difficult to deal with and duck the tough questions thrown his way as the losses continue to mount.

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  • But after the Huskies defeat to the Beavers on Saturday, Gilbertson sucked it up – undoubtedly dying inside from the frustration and turmoil that comes with a 1-5 record at Washington - and stood up for his team, taking the blame when necessary and giving Oregon State credit where it was due.

    In this loss, one that resembled the turnover-marred season-opener against Fresno State, the Huskies head coach pointed to the team's inability to punch the ball in the endzone when it had the chances.

    "The two turnovers on the one-yard line just killed our momentum," said Gilbertson, trying to squeeze the words out of his tired lungs. "When you turn over the ball seven times you are going to have a long day.

    "Those fumbles at the goal line came after some really good drives, and the game really hinged on those fumbles."

    "It breaks up everything you try to do; kids were competing and making plays and getting into it and it just breaks it off. Congratulations to Oregon State. They played a great game."

    One of the few positives that came in defeat for the Huskies was the play of Stanback, who showed much more poise as a passer than he did in week one against the Bulldogs and continued to display big-play ability in the option game.

    Gilbertson didn't want to get the third-year player too much credit – afterall, the Huskies did lose – but he had a hard time keeping the compliments to a minimum,

    "Isaiah runs around and makes a lot of plays with his feet," said Gilbertson. "I thought he did some really, really good things, and there were other things that I wish he hand't have done. For the most part of the game he gave us some spark and some lift. After the turnovers and the interceptions he pretty much came off the bench and moved us."

    The plan wasn't to have Stanback in the game so early, and so much, but after Casey Paus' erratic first quarter Gilbertson said he felt a move had to be made. Over the course of the week, the Husky coaches implemented an "Isaiah Package" incase he'd come in, and it worked well for the most part.

    "It includes a lot of option and spread plays where Isaiah can run, move and get the ball out of his hands fast," explained Gilbertson of the package.

    So again, another week passes and more questions arise at the quarterback position. Is Stanback the man for the job? Will he get the start next week? How healthy is Carl Bonnell? Does he return to the starter's role if and when he's healthy? Where does Paus fit into the mix?

    Gilbertson declined to name a starter for next week.

    On the other side of the ball, the Huskies suffered another blow with the seemingly season-ending injury to DT Dan Milsten, who fractured his left fibula and dislocated his ankle. The loss of Milsten forced Gilbertson to burn the redshirt season of Caesar Rayford, a tall, lean defensive end from Bethel High. Rayford joined fellow true freshmen Greyson Gunheim, Jordan White-Frisbee and Erick Lobos on the defensive line against the Beavers, making the unit far and away the youngest on the team. At times throughout the game, three freshmen played on the line at once, and Gilbertson admitted he wanted at one point to use all four at once.

    "They will be really good in the future," said Gilbertson. "I thought one time we were going to have four in there. Those guys will all continue to play and get better and that is just the way it is. We've lost guys and these guys wanted to play. I wasn't sure what Caesar wanted to do about his redshirt so I talked to him about it, and talked to his family about it. He wanted to play and contribute and that's what he got."

    Milsten's injury comes after the recent announcement that Donny Mateaki will be out the rest of the year with a foot injury. Two other players – Josh Miller and Junior Coffin – were forced to retire during the offseason due to career-ending injuries. And two others– Casey Tyler and Graham Lasee – quit the team prior to the season, further depleting the depth.

    Wilson Afoa, Brandon Ala, Ty Eriks and Mike Mapuolesega are three others in the mix on the defensive line battling for a starters role. The only consistent starter, to this point, has been Manase Hopoi.

    In other news, Gilbertson stated after the game that Charles Frederick reaggravated his nagging hamstring injury on a punt return late in the game. Top Stories