(LB Manase Hopoi)"> (LB Manase Hopoi)">

UW vs. OSU post game player quotes

"We just have to keep on fighting, and eventually we're going to start winning some games around here…" <i>(LB Manase Hopoi)</i>

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    On OSU QB Derek Anderson:
    "There was nothing different about him. We knew he was a good QB. He has always put up big passing yards. But we knew that if you hit him, we won't know what to do sometimes. Sometimes he'll throw it right to the defense and sometimes he'll go right down without anyone touching him. We tried to get after him today.

    On OSU's long TD run:
    "I don't know what happened on that one. I was on the backside. I guess they said that (OSU) ran a power and they got outside. And somebody wasn't in their gap, and (OSU) opened it up and ran all the way downfield.

    On the team's attitude:
    "Nobody's head is down, everybody's head is up. We just have to keep on fighting, and eventually we're going to start winning some games around here… I can't only play as hard as I can. Sometimes I you have some downs, and sometimes you have ups, and right now we are having some downs.

    There is a lot more responsibility on me. We have so many young guys out there, and I, being an upperclassman, a 2 and 3 year starter, I need to go out there and make plays. Those freshmen, they're young, they really don't know what to expect yet. Especially Rayford making his first start. I took it on upon myself to make big plays and make more sacks. I should have had more sacks and more tackles."

    On graduating:
    "Right now this is my last quarter and then I will be finished with the requirements for my major so I will be taking electives… I only need 15-20 credits then I'll be done with my major and I will be graduating. So after I get my degree, I will keep getting better, I will most definitely be back next year."

    DT Caesar Rayford
    On burning his redshirt and making his first start:
    "At the first of this week, I was on scout team. Coach Gilbertson has been looking at me since the beginning of the season, and he has seen how I have progressed, how much stronger I have gotten. And they were asking me if I wanted to play, and I said yea. I want to play.

    On what it was like out on the field for his first play:
    It was exciting, my adrenaline was going, I was happy, it was great you know? It was at another level. I think that I played pretty good, but I can do better. It was fun. I just went 100%... I was talking to the other guys on the defense and they said that for the first play I would probably be nervous, but then after that it is just football.

    QB Isaiah Stanback
    The turnovers were frustrating, especially the two on the goal line, those really hurt us. I didn't realize how many turnovers that we had. But if you take away those mistakes away, then we're suddenly in a lot better position to win the game. We know what we did wrong, we just need to go correct it. "We are not a bad team. People always try to say that we're young, blah, blah, blah, but we've had some crucial injuries. The younger guys here need to step up to replace all the seniors who have been getting hurt. But we're a good team and we're going to fight. And that's a surprising thing. You would think that we would be going downhill. But like today, we were battling all the way until the end, and we showed that we have heart. It was good to play. It wasn't good in the sense of the circumstances that I came in, with Casey having some turnovers, but I just wanted to go in there and give the offense a chance to play… Our line did good today. A lot of times when we had pressure, it was because there were some times today where I didn't totally understand some of the protections. I brought that upon myself. And with me not noticing the play clock, there are just a lot of things like that I will learn as I get more reps.

    On the magnificent rollout, pass and catch to Joe Toledo for a TD:
    "I think we had five people that could have caught the ball on that one. But Joe, that's a big guy, to be able to move like that and make those kind of plays is ridiculous for his size, but he does it. I hope he continues to do it for the rest of the season.

    On his season and style of play:
    I was frustrated that I got hurt. I haven't had the opportunity to get into the game. But I bust my butt at practice and got my number called and I was just trying to come in and field my position… (Health wise) I am 100% right now."

    "I like putting pressure on the defense. They don't know if they should come up on the run, or stick to the receiver. If they come on me I'll throw over them, if they sit back then I will take off. But I always got to look to see who is open first.

    On his failings with the play clock:
    "It was inexperience. All the times I have played football, I have never paid attention to the play clock. I know its there, but it's been something that I have forgotten about. Well I found out it was there today. So I have to pay more attention."

    Stanley Daniels
    On blocking for Isaiah Stanback:
    You're a lineman, you're blocking your guy, and you see Isaiah running out there, making a big play to Shackelford or Joe (Toldeo), and it is an emotional up right there. That makes you excited, that gives you a second wind. Like that throw he had to Sonny (Shackelford), I look over, and Isaiah is running out there, and that play gave us a spark today… We were more geared up when Isaiah was in there, we were geared up to protect Isaiah. He definitely celebrates the big plays, and gets pumped up.

    Scott White
    On the injury to Dan Milsten:
    "One of his legs was the right way, and one was the wrong way. And I was looking at him and trippin' out. But Joe (Lobendahn) was kind of the ring leader and he was saying THIS IS FOR DAN! WE'RE DOING THIS FOR DAN! Everybody was aware that we had a fallen guy out there, so let's compete for him. That fired everybody up."

    On playing USC next week:
    "To go down there and play the #1 ranked team in the nation on national TV… Well, if that doesn't get you excited, you probably don't have a pulse."

    Evan Benjamin
    Right now things are really tough. We all played real hard, we just need to get over the hump a little bit. We had a chance to put the game away a bit, but like any Pac-10 team OSU battled… We've just got to get over the hump.

    On surrendering the big run:
    "That big run did hurt us. OSU said all week that they were going to run the ball. I thought their passing game was alright. They threw it when they needed to. I think with the lead they were going to try and run the ball. You know, we can't hold them to 0 yards (rushing) for both halves. We've got to watch films and get better and better. We've got to eliminate the big play.

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