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Team Coverage: UW at USC
Race Bannon with special reporting by Troy ‘Cubby' Wadsworth III

RB: The Prophet Isaiah was brought in from the wilderness to show the Huskies the way to the promised land against the OSU Beavers on Saturday at Husky Stadium. Stanback quickly showed why he has been the DFI favorite since last season. Not unlike the legendary Tui, Stanback showed a remarkable ability to make big plays on his own if needed, as he stretched the Beaver defense to the breaking point. Isaiah also showed an ability to make the big mistake, as his inexperience got the best of him on two key 4th quarter possessions. We can only speculate how much more ready he would have been with more reps in practice and without a year wasted at wide receiver. Speculation happens to be a specialty of ours.

T'C'W: Let me begin by assuring you that the Trojans are not quaking with fear over the impending arrival of young Mr. Stanback at LA this coming Saturday. Although there are still some who remember how the nameless former coach at UW beat out SC for both Stanback and Nate Robinson, we have managed to get by with the recruits that we have here now.

The Trojans showed the world their true dominance as they racked up a 42-7 halftime lead over Bellotti spawn Dirk Diggler and his ASU Sun Devils. USC coasted to victory in the second half and now take the week off to get some surfing in before a return to the Coliseum next Saturday for a nationally televised scrimmage against the scout team otherwise known as the Washington Huskies.

RB: The Huskies showed more life this week in losing to longtime patsy OSU than they have all year. Stanback lit up the somnolent crowd at half filled Husky Stadium and injected fire into the Husky team that has been lacking. One can only wonder why it took until game 6 to figure this out.

The Huskies turned the ball over twice in the red zone on fumbles by the wrong back carrying the ball They continued their trend of competing hard, if not well. The defense showed some stout play in the red zone again, but the flawless Derrick Anderson, long a target for insults and taunts, led his team to a near mistake free performance. The loss of Dan Milsten to a serious leg injury only seemed to fire up the Dawgs more. The margin of error is gone to keep the 27 year streak alive and the Huskies need to win out now to save the season and the job of popular Husky head man, Keith Gilbertson.

TW: Bannon has long been known to be a raving idiot as this third rate magazine shows week after week, but you have to hand it to him, he knows his QB play. Too bad that popular coach up there didn't, he'd be in a lot better shape right now. Bannon was one of the few that wanted Hobart to play even before Brunell got hurt. I don't know why I am honking for him, he's pretty good at shameless self promotion all by himself. One does wonder why he works for free and all those columnists without a clue at local papers get paid.

RB: Move over 1985 Beavers, the 2004 Washington Huskies will pull off the greatest upset in Pac 10 history with the upset of the new millennium. The sleepwalking Troy boys won't know what hit them until it is too late. As SC settles for field goals and plays sloppy and without urgency the gritty, gutty under Dawgs will hang close and win it on a 99 yard drive led by the Prophet as the Huskies find the temple of winning for the second time this year

UW – 28, USC – 27

TW: Now we know why he works for free, he is a blooming idiot. The only suspense in this game is if the Trojans can cover whatever ridiculous point spread is assigned to this game. Or the suspense of which Trojan running back will gash the Huskies for long TD runs. Or the suspense of how many TD passes will Matt Leinart throw. Or the suspense of how many more Husky players will be carted off the field. There is actually no need to play this game, but they will anyway. I guess it is better than another Bow Flex infomercial on FOX Sports Net.

USC – 55, UW – 0
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Troy ‘Cubby' Wadsworth III

As predicted right here, the UCLA Bruins came up woefully short in their quest to derail the Tedford Express. Cal ran and passed their way to another big win as the combination of JJ Arrington and Aaron Rodgers overwhelmed the powder blue pansies from Westwood. UCLA is now in full fade mode and the vanquished Sun Devils will keep them sliding towards San Jose as they beat up the Bruins in Tempe this weekend.

ASU – 35, UCLA – 17
Stanford almost Cougs it
Rob Bobertson

We don't know the political leanings of Stanford coach Buddy Tevens, but we can assume he is towards the conservative end of the spectrum if his play calling is any indication.

The WSU defense was still reeling from getting run over by the Quack Attack, and Stanford was taking up where the Ducks left off, but the ultra conservative Tevens almost allowed the woeful Cougar offense back in the game.

Alas, Josh Swogger, the Heisman candidate QB for the Cougs, could not handle the red zone and ended up throwing the ball out of bounds on the Cougs last chance. It was a bitter loss for the Dynasty that now lies in ruins amongst the squalor of ancient Pullman. At least the Cougs couged it, not Stanford. We have to protect our traditions.

It turns out that Swogger had a concussion, but nobody could tell. I can't wait for modern medicine to make it out to the rural backwater locales.

Observers wondered why the Cougs best running back is on the third string and wasn't allowed to carry all of the mail for the offensive offense that WSU has been playing.

"I am impressed with what Buddy Tevens has been able to do when he was given time to get his own players in," noted Bill Doba as he leafed through his Gilby Apologist handbook for things to explain the collapse of the Dynasty under his watch. "We looked like midgets out there. I'm going to need time to run off the Price recruits on this team and get my own guys in here."

At this rate, the annual Apple Cup loss will only be the difference between 9th and 10th place in the Pac 10. That should hurt less than most of the last 6 losses.

Next up is a trip to the big city of Corvallis, and a game against the high flying Beavers of OSU. Maybe the Cougs can pressure Anderson into his usual string of interceptions and the Cougs can once again find the winning formula of getting lucky.

Editorial insert: Maybe not.

OSU – 34, WSU – 31
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A defiant Mike Bellotti claimed his team was even better than the score showed as Oregon whipped up on the winless Mildcats of Arizona. Next up for the Ducks are the Giant Trees of Stanford, who will find a way to lose to the Ducks under the right wing play calling of the embattled Tevens.

"We welcome the chance to compete against such a large team as Stanford" proclaimed Bellotti as he threw darts at the picture of Phil Knight that hangs in every room at the X Box Complex in Eugene. "We have some pretty big guys ourselves, as the Washington Midgets will find out in a week or so. We won't be caught looking ahead" he said as he looked ahead to the big revenge game with Washington.

UO – 27, Stanford – 23 The World at Large - Heisman candidate Kyle Orton watched his fumble get returned for the winning touchdown by Wisconsin and said good bye to the Rose Bowl and his Heisman on one play...Boise State won a thriller over Tulsa at legendary Skelly Field in Tulsa, where your humble correspondent has actually watched a game...FSU finally realized how bad Chris Rix is and are now rolling and rolled unbeaten Virginia at Nole field...Miami survived Louisville in a Thursday night classic...Pinkel's Tigers came up short against Texas...A&M continues their remarkable turn around with a rout over unbeaten Oklahoma State...the Sooners got revenge on K State...Auburn is the dark horse for the national practice started last week - help is on the way!

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