Dawgbytes - 10/19

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson got a call from Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley Tuesday. The topic of conversation? The block that cost Dan Milsten the rest of his season. The sophomore from Puyallup became the eleventh Washington football player this season to have surgery since the beginning of fall camp. If receiver Quintin Daniels has his knee scoped - which is likely at this point - you can make it an even dozen.

"He called me in response to all the talk going around," Gilbertson said Tuesday about his impromptu call with Riley. Oregon State beat Washington Saturday 29-14, with Milsten's leg being the casualty of a block - a cut block - which is legal in college football but not in the NFL. "We had a good conversation. My point to him was that there seems to be more cut-blocking and chop-blocking than I have seen in a real long time, and we as coaches, if you care at all about all the kids playing on both sides - and you should - need to be really careful about this. We have two defensive linemen out because of it and three more linemen in braces because of it."

Gilbertson would not single out Riley, or any other coach, for the proliferation of teaching cut-blocking techniques. "I've known Mike a long time and would never say a single bad thing about him, this is not about him," Gilbertson said. "I think one of the reasons we're seeing more of it is because there's a lot more zone-blocking schemes being used nowadays."

Milsten and Donny Mateaki are the latest casualties to a roster of wounded Dawgs that would make any MASH unit blush - Josh Okoebor, Jasper Henry, Eric Roy, Ben Bandel, Khalif Barnes, Zach Tuiasosopo, Mike Mapuolesega, Derrick Bradley and Corey Williams have all gone under the knife, with Mapuolesega the only one having come through to the point where he can play, having seen some action during the second half of the Oregon State game. The JC transfer will most likely start this weekend at USC, with Manase Hopoi moving back inside.

Charles Frederick is another player that, while no surgery has been required, has been on the shelf from time to time this season. He looks to be out when the team hits the road on Friday. "He didn't do anything at all yesterday," Gilbertson said. "So I doubt he'll travel but we'll see."

Redshirt frosh Carl Bonnell is listed at '85 to 90 percent' health right now. "I'm anxious to see what he'll do today," Gilbertson said of the Kent native. "Isaiah (Stanback) will get most of the work with the ones. Right now it's just too early to name a starter, but if the game had been yesterday, Isaiah would have been the guy."

Is there another reason Gilbertson won't name a starter right now, perhaps to try to confuse the Trojans a bit? "To be honest, I don't think they need to do a lot of guessing," Gilbertson joked. "They are talened, big and fast - athletic as can be. But I might even name a starter this afternoon, you never know."

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