News and Notes - 10/21

The operative phrase Thursday? 'As is'. As in, no new changes to the lineup, as well as no new injuries or last-second depth chart swaps. The Washington Huskies will take 64 players with them to take on the battle-tested men of Troy, number-one ranked USC. It's looking like an ambush in the making, but UW Head Coach Keith Gilbertson is proud to take his guys into the lion's den otherwise known as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

"Nobody is feeling sorry for us right now and we certainly aren't feeling sorry for ourselves," Gilbertson said. "I have not seen one guy not compete this year. I think this program has had some odd things happen to it over the past few years, but I really like this group of kids and I really like coaching them. Our practices have been very business-like this week. We're going to go play and give them (USC) the best shot we've got."

Washington's 'best shot' right now is if the Trojans starting 22 come down with a 24-hour flu starting Saturday morning. That's the odds you face when playing the number-one team in the country in their house. "We definitely respect them, you'd be foolish not to," Gilbertson said when asked about USC.

So as it is on most Thursdays before a Saturday gameday, there isn't much new news to talk about. One name that has been thrown around by the coaches is Jordan Reffett. With Dan Milsten and Donny Mateaki out of the lineup, the redshirt frosh from Moses Lake - switched earlier in the fall to the offensive line - could move back to defense if the number of defensive tackles drops by one.

"It's been a topic of conversation," Gilbertson said when asked about moving Reffett. "If we lost one more guy in there, we'd probably move him, but is it a matter of robbing Peter to pay Paul? We'd be down to the one-deeps at guard if we did that."

As it stands, the offensive line is already suffering the effects of losing captain Khalif Barnes, as true frosh Nathan Flowers will travel for his first away game in the two-deeps. Juan Garcia, who Gilbertson estimated is '75-80 percent' back from leg injuries suffered in the spring, will also travel.

One key player not expected to travel is another team captain, WR Charles Frederick. "We're planning on not traveling him right now," Gilbertson said. The Huskies will also just stick to their three scholarshipped quarterbacks and not travel Felix Sweetman. Top Stories