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"SC is a very good football team. They are talented at every position," said Husky coach Keith Gilbertson after his team was shut out 38-0 this afternoon in Los Angeles.

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  • "That's just a special group of athletes they've put together and they are big and strong and skilled and well coached. They looked the part. That's what a number-one team looks like. Congratulations to them. My thoughts were that defensively I was really pleased with the effort and how our guys played for a much of the game. For a good portion of that football game we did what we wanted to do on special teams about controlling 5 (Reggie Bush). He's a devastating returner. The place where we are just stuck is on offense. We are just stuck. We don't have a way to make a play. We couldn't get the ball to any of our receivers and we couldn't get anything in our run game. We were out of answers. The only thing I think we did well was that we pass-protected for the most part against a good pass-rush defense. Other than that, we were just stuck. That's not a good match right now - our offense against their defense. Their defense is spectacular."

    Did USC throw anything unusual at UW defensively?: "No, they didn't. They are talented enough that they can go out and play a couple of fronts and have a couple of blitzes and really shut you down. They are that good."

    USC looked to shut the option down early: "We tried to run some runs inside because of the width of their 'backer play, but they handled our run game tonight. They are really good inside. Their defensive front - that's what it looks like on Sundays. They don't make mistakes. They are just going to line up and play and do what they do. Their DB's are never out of position. You gotta throw the ball damn quick. It's just not a good matchup for us right now, with the way we are struggling at receiver and holding onto the ball at tailback. Right now we can't generate enough offense to match them, even though our defense played particularly well. We had a chance to go in 10-6, and the touchdown they got was on a short field. So I'm thinking we've got a chance to go in 10-6, but we miss two field goals and cannot generate a lick of offense the entire game."

    Why the move from Isaiah Stanback to Casey Paus?: "When it got to 31, throwing it a bunch just isn't his (Stanback's) game right now, so we wanted to give Casey some throws and see if we could generate something and get a score on the board. Tonight was a very tough night for our offense."

    On Greyson Gunheim's bruised knee: "I don't think it's serious, I don't think he's going to miss any time. Other than that, it's just the guys that were already out."

    Is this game that you can build on, or is it a confidence killer:? "I think everybody has a different reaction to these kinds of things, but we'll get back together on Monday. we had a long visit after the game with them, and we've got some big games coming up, some significant rivalry games to be excited about. I would imagine that our confidence offensively would be rattled. I wouldn't be surprised with that. It's hard to not generate much offense. A week ago we generate some and fumble twice on the one-yard line. This week we can't generate any, so we're struggling."

    Looking back, is this how you saw the season turning out?: "I felt at the start of the season that we needed to play error-free and we didn't have a lot of margin for error. I've said that from the get-go. We had to play flawless at times and we haven't. I don't know if I should apologize about that, I feel bad that it (non-losing streak snapped) happened on my watch."

    What has been the biggest surprise so far?: "Probably just the fact of how many guys we've lost that we were counting on big years from - Charles (Frederick), Corey Williams, Zach (Tuiasosopo). Khalif Barnes, he's played so many games you just expect him to be a permanent fixture. When you take that crew, those four guys out of our offense - plus the fact that we've struggled at quarterback - it's frustrating. It's frustrating not having your best guys play."

    On any standouts from the game: "I think our defense did a lot of great things tonight, just to hang in there with that offense. Guys are coming at you with a million formations and Reggie Bush is lined up everywhere - our guys did a good job with that. And Manase (Hopoi) is having an excellent year. Those defensive defensive linemen, Joe Lobendahn - I'm pleased with the defensive kids. That's an unbelievably talented team they played. 5 (Bush) is as good as any player you'll play anywhere. And I thought our special teams - keeping the ball away from him - did a good job." Top Stories