Is McCoy 100 Percent to Michigan?

<b>Quinton McCoy</b> is a 5-11, 175-pounder from Mesa, Arizona, and recently the Valley Christian athlete made a verbal commitment to the <b>University of Michigan</b>, but in talking to Quinton this afternoon it's a commitment that needs to be put to the test.

"I still need to take at least one more visit, maybe to an in-state school," McCoy told today. "I committed to Michigan having only taken two official visits and I feel like I need to take at least one more to have something to compare it to, to make sure I've made the right decision for myself. That's one reason why I need to do it."

But make no mistake; Quinton feels very good about the Wolverines. "To me, I feel like I'm 100 percent committed," he said. "My grandma lives up there and I'm used to the weather. And Coach (Lloyd) Carr is a coach I feel comfortable with. I can go to his office anytime and talk to him about anything. And that's really the same way for all the coaches at Michigan. They are like that on and off the field."

McCoy is only talking to two schools outside of Ann Arbor right now, Auburn and Washington. "I'm going to talk to Coach (Steve) Axman on Friday to see if I'm still visiting," Quinton said. "I guess he'll be asking me questions, stuff like that." Coach Knox is the coach calling for Auburn. "He told me he needs to talk to the Head Coach (Tommy Tuberville) about having me out for an official visit."

So now the inevitable question exists - if both Auburn and Washington want Quinton to visit, will he? "I don't know," he said. "I think I want to take one more trip. It will probably be between those two, whoever comes first."

Quinton is still scheduled to visit Seattle on January 11th. We'll be in touch with the McCoys to find out if that visit will be taken. Top Stories