Mike Davis Jr. Likes Dawgs

When <b>Mike Davis Jr.</b> took a scholarship offer from <b>Arizona State University</b>, he did it with the understanding that his favorite school was out of the picture. But they came back in a couple of days after that and turned the recruiting process upside down. That school? The <b>University of Washington</b>.

"Yeah, they started talking to me just a couple of days after I committed to Arizona State," the 6-3, 180-pound safety prospect from Cathedral High School in Los Angeles told Dawgman.com nearly a month ago. "The only reason I took the scholarship was because Washington wasn't recruiting me. But then Coach Tony Alford called and got me real excited about Washington. Then Coach Rick Neuheisel called and offered me a scholarship.

Did Davis accept the offer at the time? "I did," he said. But things aren't as cut and dried for Mike, as he's still committed to the Sun Devils as well. We've been in contact with Mike since the day he originally committed to Washington, and this is what he had to say to us this morning about how things are going.

"Things are great," Davis said. "I'm really looking forward to my official visit to Washington this weekend and it's nice to know that the coaches really like me. I went to a Holiday Bowl practice and I could tell that there was a need and that I could fit in. I was very impressed with how organized the practices were. Coach Neuheisel and the rest of the staff kept things right on track."

Davis played mostly corner for Cathedral, but his size and speed (4.46 40) are just the right numbers for a tough safety who can support the run and pass. "I had 5 interceptions and around 4 tackles a game last year," Mike said. "I am a physical player. I like to bump and run."

The story of Mike recruitment to Washington is a bit tricky, but here goes. Davis had a soft spot for Washington ever since he developed a friendship with current Husky Jelani Harrison over the summer. "Jelani came down and helped some of the players out, learning different things," Davis said. "We talked about all sorts of things, and Jelani talked about how great it is up at Washington. He told me that he would put in a word with the coaches and he would find out if they were interested in me. They are such a great program and they play great teams all the time, like Michigan and Miami."

Time passed, but Mike never heard from the Huskies. He felt as if the process was over when he committed to Arizona State, a school that had been pushing hard for him from the beginning. "Just two days after I committed to Arizona State, I got a call from Coach Tony Alford," Davis said. "He told me that they were looking into getting me a scholarship, but that he would have to make sure it went through Coach Neueheisel first. It was funny, because that was the night after Coach Koetter and Coach English came by my school to make sure everything was set for my official visit to Arizona State."

It gets even more interesting. "Well, all that happened on a Tuesday," Davis said. "On that Thursday, Coach Neueheisel called and offered me a scholarship and I took it." He still hadn't talked to the Arizona State coaches by the time he visited Tempe that following weekend. "It was weird because they put us into two groups, the ones that were committed and the ones that weren't. They never really brought up the subject of my commitment. It was almost like they didn't want to talk about it."

With a scheduled trip to Seattle this Friday, he's had ample opportunity to let Arizona State know he wasn't going there, but Mike doesn't want to let go of that option just yet. "I know I shouldn't commit to Washington until I see the campus, but I just might do it," he said this morning. "From everyone I've talked to, like Jelani, Lorenzo Booker and my Dad, they've been telling me that I'm going to love it. They said I'll be impressed."

One of the main reasons Mike is interested in UW is because of the area's history with the airplane industry. "I know Boeing really isn't there anymore," he said. "But they have a lot going on in piloting and aeronautical engineering, which is what I want to do. I went to Wisconsin on a visit with my Dad and they've been talking to me but they are pretty much out of the picture because they don't offer my majors."

Speaking of his father, Mike Davis Sr. is the same Mike Davis that also played alongside Lester Hayes on those famed Oakland Raider teams of the 80's. If Mike Davis Jr does commit to Coach Neuheisel on his visit this weekend (which we anticipate will happen), the Huskies will be getting a prime-time athlete with great bloodlines, a fantastic attitude and a love for all things purple and gold.

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