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The Ducks. This is a team that would love to avenge a couple of poor showings in the past couple of seasons against the Dawgs. The game is in Autzen, so expect the crowd to be loud. Can the Dawgs shake their road blues? Here is what the staff thinks . . .

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 6-1.

I wanted to call shutout last week. I HAD shutout called last week. And at the last second I tacked a "7" next to Washington's name. I simply chickened out. Not this week. There is precious little indication that the Huskies, try as they might, are capable of generating more than 250 yards of offense - not with a team QB rating that ranks 117th and last in the entire country and getting worse by the week. So seemingly the only way they can score is either directly by the defense (which has yet to a score a point all season, for all their valiant efforts), by return (currently ranked last in the conference and 110th in the nation), by a short field (16 points generated so far from 14 caused turnovers), or by trick-or-treating. Don't forget to set those clocks back on Sunday.

Prediction: Oregon 31, Washington 0
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 6-1.

There isn't much else left to play for except pride. Pride is one area that comes out in perhaps its greatest quantity when the Ducks and Huskies meet. Oregon is going to want to take it to the hapless Dawgs, while Washington desperately looks for bright spots. A win against the Ducks would be one for sure, but with an offense that scares no one, expect the home team to romp. I truly wish Carl Bonnell was at 100%, as I think the offense would have a fighting chance with him running the show. Maybe next year, when there will be a lot of change.

Prediction: Oregon 41, Washington 3
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 6-1.

Nothing fancy about this one. I've wrapped my prediction into a Husky Football Haiku.

In Hippie Kingdom
Catch something (other than cold)
Avoid duck egg, please.

Prediction: Oregon 31, Washington 14
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 5-2.

As Pat Conniff said on the sidelines after scoring a touchdown looking right into the camera........" We hate the fu#$^%$$ing Ducks!" I think that attitude and being pissed off will really show this week. The Dawgs will continue "The Curse" In the house the Huskies built. Washington shocks the world.

Autzen - The House the Huskies Built

Prediction: Washington 28, Oregon 27
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 5-2.

Even in the ugliest of seasons, for some reason I think the Huskies find it in themselves to pull out a win against the Ducks. They've beaten Oregon badly in each of the past two seasons and Autzen Stadium doesn't hold the advantage it used to, and in rivalry games like this 20-point point spreads are even meaningless. There's no reason why I should be picking the Dawgs, but against Oregon I'll go back to my homer roots and go with Washington in a war of a game.

Prediction: Washington 24, Oregon 17
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 5-2.

So into Autzen Stadium we go... into the heart of the beast. In what should be a close and physical game, I see Oregon's athleticism and home crowd providing the edge they need to beat the Dawgs.

Prediction: Oregon 24, Washington 16
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 5-2.

To paraphrase Public Enemy, can I get a playmaker? After watching Saturday's UW-USC game, you'd think they would be harder to find than a bible in a brothel, but Oregon has done OK with Kellen Clemens, Terrence Whitehead and Demetrius Williams. So what's the big secret? Is Keith Gilbertson going to unleash Craig Chambers upon the unsuspecting Ducks in a Pearl Harbor-esque blaze of glory? Probably not. Will Mr.Smith emerge as a more-than-suitable 'Charles in Charge' stand-in for Mr. Frederick? Doubtful. This season, UW fans have acquainted themselves quite nicely with the old adage about dressing up swine. Well, this little piggy will be heading down to Eugene without his tuxedo and will most likely be heading back to Seattle wearing less than his Sunday best.

Prediction: Oregon 21, Washington 7
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 5-2.

I know that the present mood amongst Huskies is at best somber. Certainly the outcome to date for this team has been dismal. Yet I have some hope. Why? Because I have seen glimmers of good play every game. Of course it is deeply darkened by the horrendous mistakes. Yet it is there. I know Oregon, on paper, should beat us, but somehow I have this feeling things begin to click this week. I know, I know I am dreaming. So be it. I don't believe Oregon is that good. I hope, somehow, the number 42 plays to our side again.

Prediction: Washington 20, Oregon 17
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 4-3.

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Prediction: Oregon 84, Washington 24
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 4-3.

Both teams got off to horrendous starts but at least Oregon began winning again. Oregon's defense will clearly out-man the Washington offense and the only way the Huskies will have a chance is if the defense scores a couple of touchdowns, because we know there is no assurance that the offense will. Not even The Northwest Championship Motivation will help the Huskies in this

Prediction: Oregon 40, Washington 10
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 2-5

Last week I picked against the Dawgs and a soldier in Iraq emailed me and couldn't believe that I had done that. Far be it from me to argue with a guy that's over seas in harms way. I'm inspired and I think that the Huskies are, too. They will play well enough to in this Saturday, and Oregon won't.

Prediction: Washington 24, Oregon 21
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