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EUGENE, OR – Halloween is here – but for the Huskies it might as well be Groundhog's Day ... more of the same. In yet another somber player's media area, here's what some of the guys had to say in the aftermath of their 31-6 loss to Oregon.

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  • Manase Hopoi on the Husky defense and the team's overall mood: "We were down 17-3 at half, and we got told by coach at halftime we looked ‘uncoached'. We weren't containing (Clemens). We had to put some pressure in his face. We had to come out and make some plays for the offense (in the second half)."

    "We came here to win a game. We came here to win our first PAC-10 game. And everyone is disappointed."

    Casey Paus on his performance: "This is all on me. I take full responsibility for this one. We had opportunities, and it's my job to get us scores when we get close and I didn't do that."

    "I forced some things. I was throwing off my back foot. I should know better. I just didn't do it, and that's on me."

    John Pettas on the team's struggles getting the ball into the end zone: "Craig (Chambers) stepped up and had a heckuva game for us, so that was a pleasant surprise for us. We thought we had a chance to run the edges on (Oregon), kind of like last year, but we just couldn't get that going. Now you're stuck in throwing a little bit more that you wanted to, and it cost us."

    "Oregon was pretty good up front, and put pressure on Casey, and he made some mistakes under early pressure. We made some protection adjustments at half and got some things working, but once we got down close we made mistakes again and threw interceptions."

    Craig Chambers on his huge starting debut: "I didn't know I was going to start until Thursday, when coach Axman asked me if I was going to cough it up if it came to me. I've been a better game player than a practice player, but when they moved over Bobby Whithorne to my spot instead of me moving up, I got mad – and I started to step it up."

    "We talked at halftime a lot about what was going wrong, and we changed things up in the second half. We got some big plays, but it seems like every week we turn the ball over when we get to the red zone and we have to change that."

    Cody Ellis on his first action at WR: "It was great to get (the first catch) out of the way right away, and on the first play, too."

    Evan Knudsen on earning the kicking job and his two-FG performance: "We had a competition this week – six field goals from more than 40 yards. I hit five of them. It felt great to be healthy and kicking again."

    "It's kind of bittersweet now, but it was a great feeling hitting that first field goal and getting back into it." Top Stories