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Keith Gilbertson looked physically and emotionally drained as he faced the throng of reporters waiting for him Saturday night. His Washington Huskies had just lost a hard-fought game to the Oregon Ducks and he was in no mood to trifle with middling reviews of his team's performance.

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  • Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson:
    On the inability to score:
    "I'm sick of it, just sick of it. It's a nightmare that we keep reliving. Week after week, we are able to get down there, and we can't find a way to score. It's exhausting. We've gone two weeks without a touchdown."

    On offensive production in third quarter:
    "We made a couple of small adjustments at half, and got some things squared away. We started to produce more offense in the third quarter. But, you can make all the adjustments you want, but you have to put the ball in the end zone to win."

    "We put a lot into this. I thought we came in here, and handled the noise, and the atmosphere well. I thought we settled down on defense and started to control the game at points, and if we could have put anything in the end zone, it would have been a lot closer. When you look at the score, it looks like it was an easy win for Oregon, but I don't think anyone at Oregon would say it was."

    On freshman receiver Craig Chambers:
    "He ran some real great routes tonight, and made some great catches over people. I'm real happy to see that. People have been asking where he is, and he did some good things tonight. I'm real proud of him."

    On the quarterback situation:
    "I'm real tired of talking about it. I'm exhausted. I don't want to talk about it. I just hope you can appreciate that."

    Oregon Head Coach Mike Bellotti:
    On the overall game:
    "I thought our defense did an awesome job, not only scoring the touchdown, but turning away several touchdown opportunities for Washington. Getting turnovers, interceptions, it made the difference in the game. We were ball hawks in the secondary and our defensive front played very well taking the run away."

    On the dropped passes:
    "We're an interesting team, they are a great group of kids and they really believe in each other and they don't get down. They get frustrated like anybody does, but they channel it as positive energy and I think that's very good for this team."

    On the absence of Demetrius Williams:
    "When you lose your leading receiver, it makes a difference. Demetrius, of all the kids that did not play tonight, I think he's going to need to rest quite a bit this week and he'll be a late week decision as to his availability for the California game."

    On pressuring Casey Paus:
    "Nick Allioti and his staff, and the defense themselves did a great job. It was a good plan and we felt like we had a great week of practice and I told the kids before the game that a great week of practice doesn't mean a thing unless we finish the job. The pressure created several opportunities for the turnovers." Top Stories