Coach's Corner

So there you have it. You don't have to bitch about Gilbertson anymore because the inevitable came true. Another Husky coach will be dismissed at the end of the season. Let's see, that will make it five coaches in a 12 year period, if my Cougar math holds up.

Considering there were only two in the previous 38 years, that's indicative of a program with some instability.

There was no question that the change was coming, so it really didn't matter when it happened. With the NCAA lifting one cloud over the program and Todd Turner and Keith Gilbertson lifting another, maybe the team can now start moving forward and rebuilding itself.


I think that Keith Gilbertson took a lot of abuse from people who hopefully can now thank him for falling on the sword. Those that are close to the situation know that he gave it up for the team, and now hopefully he can coach a couple more wins out of this group of kids. He has been suffering through out this season and can now look forward to a fair settlement and a chance to get healthy again.

He deserves thanks for a handling one Hell of a mess. I will chose to remember his great games as a Husky coach, like the victory in Nebraska and the wins in the Rose Bowl. He did three tours of duty for the Huskies and now we can quit blaming him and start the healing process.


Husky fans, this program will be back and the person they choose will win a Rose Bowl in the next few years with the help of the groundwork laid by Keith and his staff. This year's crop of freshmen will be the nucleus of a really good team over the next four years. The new coach will realize it and thank Gilby, just like we should be doing right now.

This was a good move and the right move, and the way it was done further reflects Gilby's commitment to the program, as well as Turner's ability to handle the situation with dignity.

The step up to being a head coach is always so much different than being an assistant. Keith, like Jim Lambright, was amongst the greatest coordinators in the history of the school. But it's a different world in the corner office, and neither guy ever received the type of unbridled support from the Athletic Director that Don James enjoyed with Mike Lude.

That happens when you hire a director who knows absolutely nothing about football and had no experience with handling the big picture of a big time athletic program. Football lost its special place at Washington, and even though significant money was raised by Hedges' office, the facilities war still passed the golden goose program by. After spending a weekend in Eugene, it becomes painfully obvious that someone who understands division one football is running their program.

Now there's a new AD and President in Seattle, thank God.

Hopefully Keith stepping down and a renewed commitment to football by the athletic department will set in motion a system of continuity with at least a 10-year stay by the next football coach. I want to see the next coach's system given the chance to mature and thrive again, based around a staff that wants to be here and wants to stay here.

Washington has been a great traditional football school and hopefully it will return immediately to the upper echelon of the conference and the nation. I firmly believe that the current UW administration is the most professional and committed group we've seen in 20 years.

The immediate focus, and really the only salvation for these coaches, is to try and rally these kids to just go out and win some games for themselves. Go ahead and just play hard and quit worrying about losing and screwing up. The pressure is no longer there. Just concentrate on doing everything possible to win.

They have an excellent chance to beat Arizona and that would be the start of the healing process. They match up well with the only other 1-7 team in the league. If the Husky defense shuts down the run, and the Dawgs play even in the kicking game by making every field goal and extra point, and having no blocks or returns, then they will win if the offense can score two touchdowns. That's not too much to ask and certainly if they finally turn the team over to Carl Bonnell, they may have a chance. I still believe that the future of the program lies best in his hands and that is only because I have seen him do nothing but win in his life.

He gives them the best overall mix of being a quarterback. I'm not sure why his development has been so shaky but certainly he will have the chance to prove himself either on the field these final weeks or certainly in the spring with a new coach.

Whoever is the quarterback, this team still needs to get a cheap touchdown to beat the Wildcats. They need to return a kick, interception, or fumble for a score. They need to get the Husky crowd back into the game as part of the defense. They have to have a swagger on defense because they are pretty good. They're going to be real good next year, so why not start acting like it now? They need to play a whole game like they played in the first half against USC. They need to cheer for each other and have fun playing the game.

And Husky fans - They will win this game. Top Stories