News and Notes - 11/3

This Friday, while not being the 13th of the month, will mark the thirteenth surgery to have taken place since the beginning of the fall for the University of Washington football team. The training room has turned into a house of horrors, with the team colors resembling more black and blue than purple and gold.

Senior tight end Jon Lyon is the latest canine casualty, breaking his hand Tuesday during a blocking drill. "He will have surgery Friday," UW Head Coach Keith Gilbertson said Wednesday. Lyon will be the second Husky to undergo surgery this week, as WR Quintin Daniels had successful knee surgery on Tuesday.

Rob Lewis will now be the backup to starter Joe Toledo, and Jason Benn would be next on the depth chart. "If we need to, we would move Dash Crutchley back from the slot," said Gilbertson.

Mike Gottlieb is being held so the coaches can redshirt him.

The rest of senior wideout Charles Frederick's college career is in jeopardy. "He's doubtful, I don't hold out much hope," Gilbertson said when asked if Frederick would be available this Saturday against Arizona. "He really hasn't done anything in practice."

Because he played quite a bit earlier in the season, Gilbertson said that there is 'no chance' of Frederick getting a redshirt year for this season.

Craig Chambers did his part this past Saturday in an attempt to pick up the slack. The frosh from Mill Creek caught 4 passes for 106 yards against Oregon, fueling optimism that Chambers might be Washington's next big receiving threat.

"He went from always having a frown on his face to being upset about not playing a couple of weeks ago to really dialing it up and turning the gears up so he jumps out at you," Gilbertson said when asked about Chambers. "He's got a smile on his face now because he's playing and to me he looks like a totally different receiver than three weeks ago. Just his speed, burst and all the little things you see in a receiver - it's all changed.

"You hope that those that are down in the depth aren't happy about it and they go like heck to get on the field and play and be a starter. You don't try and recruit players that like to be backups."

Chambers described himself last Saturday as more of a game player than a practice player. "How are you ever going to know?" queried Gilbertson. "If you drop it all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, how can you expect to get the ball on Saturday."

The Huskies will need to hold on to every pass they get, because they will be playing a hungry Arizona team that will scratch and claw and do everything else they can to make sure they don't remain in the Pac-10 cellar.

"Defensively, everybody is in to a lot of zone blitzes, linebackers in the middle, safeties and outside linebackers off the edge and corners off the other side," Gilbertson said when asked what he sees from the Wildcats' D. "Everybody is going to have a substitute package where they will have more DB's than linemen or linebackers, and they will always have a pressure package out of that. You see of a lot of that now, it's fairly popular. And Arizona is playing very good defense right now. They are really strong at safety and at defensive end. They play very good team defense and I really think they tackle well." Top Stories