News and Notes - 11/4

All that remains is the games for beleaguered head coach Keith Gilbertson. All the blood, sweat and tears sacrificed in the name of putting his stamp on the Washington football program have been nearly washed clean, with a fresh start just weeks away. But the season is not done yet.

And despite the injuries, inexperience and blown redshirts, Gilbertson is not going to point the finger of blame at anyone but himself. That's not what he teaches his players.

Case in point - Casey Paus.

The junior QB, heartbroken after throwing four second-half interceptions in a loss to Oregon, took the loss to the Ducks hard. Members of the media that met with Paus after the game remarked that Casey was harder on himself than he probably had a right to be.

"He's a responsible guy. He knows," said Gilbertson on Thursday. "This is really important to him, so that's why I was reluctant to really talk too much about it after the game because I don't want to think I'm trying to beat people up. It was important to him and he was crushed by it. He's a guy that takes it on the chin for the team.

"And I'd rather have a guy that feels a sense of responsibility about it. I'd rather have a guy that takes it personally. And I think he's bounced back from it too."

What is also clear is that his teammates are not willing to let Paus go down alone in his battle to win games. "I think they know how hard he worked this summer, showing up every day and organizing the throwing, coming in early and looking at video," Gilbertson added. "I think they know that it's important to him, and as long as it's important to him he'll give it everything he's got."

The UW offense will still have to try and muster up points without one of their biggest weapons. Charles Frederick has been ruled out of this Saturday's game against Arizona, with a hamstring that has given him fits since the second half of the Notre Dame game.

Other than Frederick and the loss of Jon Lyon to season-ending hand surgery, Gilbertson remarked that this week of practice has been pretty straightforward.

"We've been able to see from one end of the field to the other," he said, noting the clear skies that have hung over Husky Stadium the past few days. It's expected to change for game time, with a high of 54 and showers on the way.

Gilbertson is hoping the rain is the only thing he'll have to deal with outside of the football game. "I'm not concerned about it," he said when asked about possible fan reaction. "I'm only concerned about our team going out there, playing hard and having fun.

"I just hope they check for firearms at the door," he joked. Top Stories