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OK, Dawg fans. The team may be 1-7, but they now are playing with no pressure. Their coach has already bowed out, so the team can play loose and not worry about anything but winning for the sake of winning. Will it make a difference? Here is what the staff thinks.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 7-1.

Ali vs. Frazier. Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens. Yankees vs. Red Sox. King Kong vs. Godzilla. None of these historic match ups can hold a candle to what we might witness on Saturday. In fact, it might be best if the candles were left in the box so they can play it in the dark. Husky emotion for their departing coach may or may not come into play - it's impossible to tell. Arizona has been outscored 79-3 in the first halves of their last four games, while Washington hasn't scored a touchdown in their last four halves. This possibly represents the last chance for either to win a game the rest of the season - and they'll play like it. Fumbling, bumbling, stumbling ... Arizona 13, Washington 10

Prediction: Arizona 13, Washington 10
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 7-1.

How many people will be at this one? Gilby stepping down may be the one saving grace for gate draw at this game, which features too very poor football teams. Washington's offense is terrible, but the defense has its moments. They are young, but their aggressiveness and speed is promising. However, I see this team trotting in place until they see who their new coach is. Until then, I just can't see them getting up to win one for Gilby.

Prediction: Arizona 17, Washington 13
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 7-1.

I had a hard time with this one. I tried to think of some old adages which might help me decide who'd win. "Two wrongs don't make a right." No, no... in that case we wouldn't have a winner. "The lesser of two evils," perhaps? Nah. Reminds me too much of a common voting philosophy from this past week, and we saw how well that turned out. So...
"When in doubt, punt." - John Heisman

I'm kicking this one away.

Prediction: Washington 16, Arizona 10
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 6-2.

With the air partially cleared around Montlake, we will see a Husky team playing looser this week. On Saturday the Dawgs will look across the field and be aware that they're facing another team as bad as they are; there will be the feeling that they can really win this game. There will be enough competitive juices flowing that the Dawgs will win.

Prediction: Washington 20, Arizona 13
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 6-2.

A prediction for the Arizona-Washington game, brought to you by No-Doz? Well, contrary to how this game shapes up on the outside, I think this is going to be a very entertaining game. Not Rice-San Jose State entertaining. More Green Bay-Chicago entertaining. It'll be field position, turnovers and big plays. It'll be Iowa-Penn State, part II. Evan Knudson, red-hot after putting two kicks through the uprights against Oregon, will add more to last week's total and the pesky UW defense will shut down Mike Bell - meaning he'll only get 100 yards. But he won't score. The Dawgs will up their string of quarters without a touchdown by four, but in this battle of the cellar dwellers, it won't matter. Washington 6, Arizona 3

Prediction: Washington 6, Arizona 3
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 5-3.

Will anybody score? Will anyone show up? I'm not sure there will be an uglier game this year than this one, but one beautiful thing will come out of it – a Husky win. It won't be pretty, but who cares?

Prediction: Washington 17, Arizona 13
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 5-3.

With all eyes now focusing not on the rest of the season but on the 2005 and beyond, the Huskies simply wish the season was over. Injuries continue to mount to key players; Charles Frederick may have played his last down for the Purple and Gold, while Jon Lyon's Husky career is over after an injury in practice this week. Look for the nightmare to continue against Arizona, a team that comes in with the same 1-7 record. Casey Paus gets the start at quarterback, but his stay behind center could be short-lived if the signal-caller struggles early. Wildcats in a stinker as the Dawgs sink to new lows.

Prediction: Arizona 24, Washington 13
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 5-3.

We win easily if we play like the UCLA game. No turnovers. But can we really count on a turnover free game, or at least a game with minimal turnovers? I thought maybe last week we might bust out of that mold. Maybe this week with the coaches more relaxed, I would think, the players will be more relaxed and the turnovers just disappear. Yeah right!

Prediction: Washington 23, Arizona 20
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 5-3.

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Prediction: Arizona 3, Washington 0
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 5-3.

How do the players react to the exit of yet another head coach? Well hopefully they go out and kick the snot out of the one team that may end up with a worse record than they do. The Huskies are looking for a TD in any way possible. Washington is better than Arizona, but not by much. They won't win by much either.

Prediction: Washington 14, Arizona 13
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 2-6

This team still needs to get a cheap touchdown to beat the Wildcats. They need to return a kick, interception, or fumble for a score. They need to get the Husky crowd back into the game as part of the defense. They have to have a swagger on defense because they are pretty good. They're going to be real good next year, so why not start acting like it now?

Prediction: Washington 17, Arizona 10
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