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Dawgman.com spoke Thursday with James Paulk, and the big man from the College of the Canyons had some things to say about the current coaching situation at Washington and whether or not he's still committed to the school.

"We are currently 8-0, everybody is doing pretty good, people are getting a lot of scholarships," he said. "I'm still playing pretty hard, people are still offering me, so it's good. But's it's not good to the point where I can just show up and play. I never had a chance to go through this in high school, getting all this recognition. It's pushing me harder to go to all my classes and practice harder."

Paulk is on track to graduate in May from CoC.

So how about UW? "The way I see it, my coach down here, Coach (Garrett) Tujague, he told me about the situation, so I'm not going to make any decision until I sign," he said. "I still might go, according to who the new head coach is up there. I talked to Coach (Chris) Tormey about two or three days ago and he told me I still have my scholarship. I talked to Coach (Keith) Gilbertson and he told me that I should take some more school trips, some visits to see what I like and whatnot. But most likely, I'll probably wind up at Washington anyway. But I'm really not sure, but I'm leaning hard that way. They really want me to come up there and play for them."

And it's hard to hear from a kid from Georgia, but it's the northwest weather that helped make up Paulk's mind the first time around. "I like to wear winter clothes," he said with a chuckle.

Following Gilbertson's advice, as well as the advice from his own coaches, Paulk will take some more official visits. "I haven't talked to anybody else," he said. "They are calling my offensive coordinator more, but they haven't talked to me. I'm probably going to take trips to Arizona State, Tennessee and Oklahoma, but I haven't even talked to them yet about dates or anything."

In the final analysis, Paulk is doing what all other UW-interested recruits are doing. "I'm just waiting to see who the new head coach is," he said. "I'm going to a four-year college to start, and at Washington it's a for-sure start."

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