Keith Gilbertson quotes - Arizona

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson didn't have much more to add. He could have been talking about USC or Oregon. Or almost any game, outside of UCLA or San Jose State. The frustration was clear as could be as Gilbertson met with the media after Washington's 23-13 loss to Arizona Saturday.

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  • General Comments: "The defense is playing well enough to win a game and we just cannot do anything on offense. We can't throw, can't catch, can't run consistently, we get balls batted down - I'm afraid to look at what our passing percentage was today. The option dried up on us. It's just a great source of frustration each weekend. On special teams, we've got some good play. We still have no concept of a punt return. We're on our third punt returner this season. Offensively, it just seems that we don't have anyone who can make a play. I'm not making excuses, it was just an awful day of offense. I'm very disappointed."

    On using quarterback Isaiah Stanback in the second half: We were going to give him a series anyway and we were six for 22 at the time when we made the change. I don't know if it would have been possible to do any worse than that. So we just wanted to make the change and give the guy a chance; see if he could get anything going. We didn't really get anything from him. We ended up with a drop down in there. The day was just a complete frustration offensively. We've tried just about everything that we could try, and it's just been one big source of frustration after another."

    On the running game: "I think it was better today. We had some really good runs and did some good things."

    On the performance of the defense: "We played well enough to win the game on defense. I think we did some nice things on special teams, go some good kicks and some return yards. Offensively, we are just stuck in neutral."

    On the last couple of offensive possessions of the first half: "I had to get into the two-minute offense, and we tried to get it down there to make it 13-9. Then we threw three straight incompletions, and now I'm forced with sticking the defense out there again. So now I'm thinking that we can't keep doing this to our defense, and then the defense gets it back again and again we got nothing out of the offense. So by that time I'm just thinking, 'Let's get out of here because we haven't had a lead going into halftime for quite awhile."

    On the passing game: ""It's not like we didn't throw the ball around today; we took our shots. But the thing you don't want to do is stick your defense out there when they are playing well. It is the offense's job to do something with the football. Offensively, we are just banging our heads against the wall with everything we've tried. We got sacked five times today...we had some drops, we hit one guy in the hand for an interception. We threw 47 passes today."

    On the fake punt by Sean Douglas: "We've been working on it. I think we've fake-punted twice this year, and have gotten the first down both times for no points."

    Injury report: "We lost wide receiver Anthony Russo to an ankle injury. We are running out of receivers." Top Stories