Player Postgame Quotes - Arizona

For the Washington players it was déjà vu all over again, following their dismal 23-13 loss to lowly Arizona. The season is coming to an end and there was introspection in the words of many of the Huskies in the media room.

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  • QB Casey Paus:
    General Comments: "I don't know how to put it or what to say. We can't get the luck of a break at all. I know the guys around here feel real bad. I feel just as bad, or worse, than a lot of them."

    On what Arizona did to frustrate the offense: "Nothing. It was everything we expected from the, with all the blitzes they were giving us. The twists and the stunts up front were what we expected them to do. We just had some miscommunication and at the same time I wasn't getting the ball to the receivers. When you don't do that you can't do anything."

    TB Shelton Sampson:
    On what needs to change: "Our mindset has got to change. Just the way we come at the game and the way we think about things. I can't really tell you what it is right now. I just know that when we come back on Monday to watch film, we need to have a couple talks and see where everybody is, because we've got to buckle own for these next two games."

    On his 57-yard reception: "I just saw an opening and I just kept going. I was hoping to get a touchdown, but didn't have a feel for where the guy was behind me."

    On scoring the team's lone touchdown: "It wasn't enough. I was looking forward to doing more and helping the team out more, but getting hurt a couple times has kind of messed that up a bit. I'm just trying to get ready for Cal."

    OLB Evan Benjamin:
    On turning point in game: "The fumble return was definitely a turning point. Then they scored right after that again and got a sizeable lead, so that was definitely the turning point. I thought defensively we did come out and play well. I thought the offense did too, we just need to execute a bit better and hold onto the ball."

    On if they felt luck was on their side today: "Stuff was going our way. We even got a turnover from our special teams. I thought we were making plays. Those special teams plays were big for us to get momentum. We were stopping them on some drives too."

    On final home game vs. Cal and Senior Day: "I'm excited. This was a tough loss and it told a lot about us, but I think we will come back next week. We can play like we have nothing to lose. If we can't play for our seniors, I don't know whom we can play for. I'm going to try my hardest to send them out in style."

    Punter Sean Douglas:
    On his performance: "There was no wind, which is nice because it's nice to have calm weather when you're kicking. I just got a hold of a couple of them today. I'm always going to be happy with myself when I play well, but it sucks to lose. I'm still happy with my play, just not with the outcome of the game."

    On the fake punt: "We had been working on it for awhile and trying to figure out the right time to use it. We used it today and it worked out for us. I was hoping it would get the momentum back. When you do a fake anything it seems to give you a lot of momentum, so I was hoping it would give us some momentum."

    CB Derrick Johnson:
    On forced fumble: "I was coming up, doing my job, and I got lucky and made a big hit. I was trying not to miss the tackle and I went and blew him up. I don't know how the ball got loose. I just hit him and the ball came out and I heard the crowd screaming, so I knew I must have done something good. It was in slow motion. It was in slow motion and it got me juiced up."

    On turnovers: "It's like a one-two punch; we punch them and they punch back."

    On Senior Day next week: I'm closing my career here at the University of Washington and I'm excited to have this opportunity, so I'm going to go out and enjoy my teammates and try to make some plays in Husky Stadium for the last time."

    On what they need to work on before next week vs. Cal: "They have good running backs and good receivers and a great QB. Altogether, we are going to have to hot those guys and swarm to the ball. They have a lot of playmakers on offense."

    DT Manase Hopoi:
    On Arizona's offensive scheme: They were trying to do a lot of stretch an cut-back, so we tried to eliminate the cut-back. He tried to do the same thing that UCLA did, try to find a seam and let him hit it. We tried to eliminate that seam and they had a couple of good runs, but I think we did well."

    On improvements for next week: "We need to work on getting up field. They have three good running backs over there, so we have to keep on penetrating. As long as people are penetrating, it puts on pressure and gives them no lanes to go to." Top Stories