Beall playing process by ear

<b>David Beall</b> is a 6-5, 295-pound offensive lineman from Vancouver, Washington who attends Mountain View High School. David is getting down to the nitty gritty of the recruiting process, dropping one school and focusing his attentions squarely on 3 Pac-10 institutions of higher learning.

"I dropped Oregon State out of the picture," Beall told Dawgman.com0. "I felt I needed to get down to three, so it's Washington, UCLA and Stanford."

David relayed some of his thoughts from his UCLA official visit. "I visited the weekend of the 7th," he said. "The weather was real nice, so I was able to enjoy the outdoors. The Rose Bowl was pretty cool. I had a good time." David only has one other visit planned, and that is to Stanford this coming weekend. It's the final visit he'll take. He took his official visit to Washington back on November 30th.

The news of Ty Willingham taking off for Notre Dame threw Beall for a mini-loop. "Yeah, I was surprised because there were all these rumors about Neuheisel and the rumors about Willingham died down and then they popped back up again," said Beall. "They were just rumors though. I didn't pay that much attention to them. My mom came in and told me she saw it on ESPN."

David and his family have been in contact with a couple of the remaining Cardinal coaches, but haven't been able to talk to the coach mainly responsible for recruiting David. "My Mom talked to Coach Shuler and I've talked to Matt Doyle, the recruiting coordinator, but other than that, no," he said. "Coach Mac (John McDonnell) is the one recruiting me and he used up his phone call actually the night before the announcement."

David's been hearing differing stories about the future of the staff. "From what I hear, some want to stay, but I really don't know," he said. "Stanford is going to hire who they think is a good coach, so you just have to live with that."

Have the Husky coaches been in touch with Beall since Willingham's announcement? "The Washington coaches have left messages on my machine a couple of times, but I haven't been around," he said.

Here are David's takes, both pro and con on his three leaders.

UCLA - "They have good academics and a good football program. I like their coaches. LA is a different area that what I'm used to, so it would be like getting out and experiencing the world. But LA itself, I'm not so sure I could handle such a big area."

Stanford - "Great academics, can't top that. Good football program. Good coaching staff, but I don't know what's going to happen with the hiring. That's really up in the air right now. Going to have to wait and see."

Washington - "Close to home. I'm going to have some friends going up there, so they will be able to watch me play. Seattle. I know the area. I've lived in Washington basically my whole life. It's home. But the downside is the weather."

And a leader? "Right now I really don't know," he said. "I just need to take my visit to Stanford and see what happens there. And I need to see what's going on with Washington because they are filling their list pretty fast and I need to see what's going on with UCLA." Top Stories