Keauntea Bankhead update caught up with Keauntea Bankhead, who has already taken the SAT test and updated us as to the result, as well as his opinion on the recent news of Keith Gilbertson's departure from Washington at the end of the year.

"I'm still doing the same, taking that test, doing the SAT," Bankhead said. "I have a tutor and she'll be helping me until I pass the test." According to Bankhead, the last test he can take is on December 4th

The first test he took was on October 9th. "I wasn't high enough on the score," said Bankhead. "I still need around 180 points, but I improved by over a hundred points and I took a practice test this past weekend with my tutor and I got way more than 90. I need about 90 more points and I'll make it. The real test is totally different than the practice test though. I get nervous, but I'm confident. I'm trying to get some extra time to take the test, that would really help."

So when Kee isn't working on taking the SAT, he's working a job and still finds time to keep himself in playing shape. "I'm still working at Athletic Supply," he said. "I work there every day since I don't have any classes. And usually when I get off work I coach at the community center. Then I go upstairs at my house, where I have a little weight room set up. And if I have time I'll go to the field and work on drills with my little cousin."

Talk turned to the season the Washington football team is having and the news that Coach Gilbertson will step down at the end of the season. "I think it's kind of messed up," said Bankhead of the mutual decision between the school and Gilbertson. "I kind of don't like it. Gilby took over and they didn't really give him a chance to improve. He took over last year and that year was messed up, and this year was going to be tough either way. I guess things happen for a reason, but having all the coaches leaving kind of messes me up because I've gotten pretty comfortable with all the coaches there, and now it's going to be like starting over."

Bankhead, through the conversations he's had with the Washington coaches, knew that a change could happen. "I've talked with them often," he said. "The last time I talked with (Scott) Pelluer and he told me that if there were any changes in the coaching staff that the U was still the place to go, and that's when I had an idea something might be up."

As of the time of this story, the coaches have not reiterated their pledge to Keauntea as to making sure his scholarship would be available when he passes his test. And since he is technically still a recruitable athlete, at least one other school has made inquiries.

"Washington State has called a couple time, but that's the only school so far," said Bankhead. "I've been out there before and I just don't think it's the place for me. I like their coaches, (Bill) Doba and all their guys, but where it's located ... I'm an outgoing person and there's really not that much to do out there. My sister goes there and she says that it's a party school, and I'm not really a party type, but there's no buildings over there, no city-type of stuff."

So what is in Bankhead's future? "I think that if I pass my test, I'll still go there (to Washington)," he said. "I'm no traitor or anything like that. I already committed myself to there, so if any other coaches call, I'll tell them that I'm going to stick to my word."

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