Mike Davis Jr. returns from visit

<b>Mike Davis Jr.</b>, a 6-3, 180-pound defensive back/safety prospect from Los Angeles, California visited <b>Washington</b> this weekend as the recruiting process winds down for him.

"It was great," Davis told Dawgman.com today. "Coach Neueheisel and his staff really impressed me with everything. They did everything on schedule and were very organized. And man, I ate more on that visit than on any other trip I've taken."

Mike's host was his friend Jelani Harrison. "Jelani took me out with Mike Nixon and Mike's host Taylor (Barton) at night. We checked out some clubs, things like that." Mike went on his visit with his father, but didn't see that much of him. "It was interesting, because the parents were around only during breakfast time, lunch time and dinner. They kept the students and the recruits together most of the time. But I think he was very impressed. I got the feeling that he loved it up there."

And the most impressive part of the trip? "Well, right from the beginning, I had a chance to go to the Space Needle with Coach (Tony) Alford," Mike said. "It was cool how it rotated and I got to check out a lookout point and get a lot of really nice pictures. But I would have to say that going into the locker room and then going out to the stadium was the best. They led us out one by one and I was first. I had my jersey on and it was pretty incredible walking out of that tunnel."

Coach Bobby Hauck let Mike know that he is a coveted athlete for the Dawgs. "Coach Hauck told me that he saw me fitting in as a true freshman starter," he said. "He said that I'm the kind of player he looks for and needs for their team."

Rick Neuheisel also left a most favorable impression on Davis. "We got a chance to go to his house this morning and see his wife and kids. They showed us where Bill Gates lives, which was pretty impressive. It's really nice over there."

With Davis' situation being a unique one, did the Washington head man pressure him to make a decision about his immediate future? "Well, Coach told me and Mike (Nixon) that they need two safeties and that there are two scholarships available for the both of us but that they didn't want us to make any sort of decision until after they met our families." Davis said that he expects Neuheisel to visit him in Los Angeles on either January 13th or 14th.

This is the second trip Davis and Nixon have taken together, the first being Arizona State. "We bonded well on this trip," he said. "Mike (Nixon) and his mother are really nice people. I know talking to him that he also feels like Washington and Arizona State are going to be right there. He's also looking at UCLA."

And Davis? "All the time I was in Seattle I was thinking 'U-Dub, A-State...U-Dub, A-State'. I've been going back and forth on that. I'm going to need some time to think about it. I've also got one more trip set up, to Purdue this coming weekend. My Dad feels strongly about me visiting all the schools that have my major (piloting/aeronautical engineering). Arizona State and Washington have it. So does Purdue. I went to Wisconsin but they don't have my major, so they are out."

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