Solomona has Dawgs on top

<b>Chris Solomona</b> is a 6-5, 285-pound defensive tackle prospect who originally committed to the <b>University of Washington</b> out of San Pedro High School and again after his season had finished at El Camino College a month ago. Times have changed a little bit, but Chris still insists the Huskies have the inside track.

"Just being open to all these other teams and other schools," Chris said when asked why he eventually decided to open up the recruiting process again. "They've been calling me and letting me know about the situations I might be in. Once I started looking at those opportunities, that's what brought me out of that 'commit' stage. I'm open to Arizona, Oregon and those other schools, but there's nothing wrong with Washington at all. They are still my top choice and I still want to go there but I am going to check out these other schools before I make my decision."

Even though he plans on going on other official visits, the Ducks are the only school he has a firm date with in the immediate future. "I haven't been on a visit since my trip to Washington," Chris said. "I'm headed to Oregon this next weekend. I have another one with Kansas State, but I don't want to take it. Kansas State, BYU, Arkansas...they all want to trip me. And Arizona State."

Talked turned back to the Huskies. "I like Washington a lot," he said. "My relatives up there in Tacoma called me and said that I was in the newspaper and they asked me when I'm coming back up and I was like 'Really? We'll see.' Everything about Washington I like. The people out there, the coaches, some good friends on the team. I like it but I'm going to hold off on my decision."

Solomona is looking forward to his trip to Eugene. "I just want to check the place out," he said of the reasons behind the visit. "I've never been to Oregon. I know a couple of players on their team. I just want to go out there and have fun."

While he waits for his visits to take shape, he's been keeping himself in shape, working out at a local club. "I've been working out at Bally Total Fitness, playing a lot of basketball and enjoying this break," Solomona said. And best of all, he's staying healthy while doing it. "I'm not going to jinx myself, but I've never been seriously hurt playing basketball. Just a couple of sprains, but nothing major. I love basketball. It's my second sport."

Working out gives him time to ponder his future. If he had to choose a school today, what would it be? "Oh man! I don't know," he said, genuinely torn by the array of choices in front of him. "It's still in the air. I'm going to make a decision but there's no way I can do it right now. It's too hard. I'm pretty far away from knowing but I'm going to be strong. Whatever team I decide to play for, they are going to be very happy." Top Stories