McKnight set to visit UW

Rhema McKnight is a 6-3, 190-pound WR from Kennedy High School in La Palma, California and McKnight firmed up another official visit on his recruiting calendar yesterday.

"I'm scheduled to go to Washington this coming weekend," McKnight told tonight. "Coach (Brent) Myers and Coach Neuheisel are the coaches recruiting me for Washington. I know Coach Neuheisel is all about fun and he told me about all the fun I'm going to have on my trip. He told me about the things they have planned for me."

Rhema has two official visits already under his belt, Florida and Oregon. "I had a good time on my Florida trip, but Coach Spurrier leaving has affected me a lot," he said. "I'm going to try and wait it out to see who they get. I've heard Coach Stoops, Coach Shannahan and Dennis Green as possible replacements."

And the Ducks? "It was nice. I found out that the town is really football-oriented there. That surprised me a little bit. It's a nice town, a quiet place. I could see myself playing there."

Other than those three schools, McKnight doesn't have another official trip set up. "I need to sit down with my uncle and talk about that," he said. He claims to have no leader or even a particular school he's leaning towards. "I don't have a favorite. Honestly."

So what will Rhema be looking for on his official visit? "Well, there will be some personal questions I need to ask," he said. "I need to find some time to talk to the people up there, and learn about how things are." Top Stories