News and Notes - 11/16

It's the final week for Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson and his coaching staff, but as he said Monday, he's going to 'suck every last minute' out of the next 120 hours. The main question is, will Washington have enough players to make it out to the coin toss?

Right now, Derrick Johnson is the only team captain that will be playing in Saturday's Apple Cup game in Pullman. Joe Lobendahn is the latest victim of the injury bug, breaking his wrist Saturday.

"We'll hold Joe (Toledo) out until tomorrow and than look at him," Gilbertson said of his junior tight end, who injured his ribs and back against Arizona and took another shot last weekend in a 42-12 loss to Cal. "We'll see Charles (Frederick) today."

When asked about Toledo's future, Gilbertson said that he genuinely thinks the 6-6, 290-pounder could be an NFL tackle. "If he wants to play at the next level, it's a natural," he said. "Look at guys like Matt Lepsis that are doing it."

Dashon Goldson is probable, with a shoulder that will most likely require treatment at the end of the season, said Gilbertson. "It's the same thing he had with his other shoulder when he showed up from JUCO," he said. "And it's a shame because he needs this winter to put muscle on the joints. This will be his second winter in a row without lifting, and that takes its toll. It's a matter of diminishing returns, like the same thing that happened with Jimmy Newell."

Juan Garcia is listed in the two-deeps, but don't expect him to play. The Huskies will rotate Tusi Sa'au, Clay Walker and Stanley Daniels at guard. Top Stories