Hooper nearing finish line

<b>Trevor Hooper</b> is a 6-1, 190-pound safety prospect from Mountain View, California and Hooper's attentions are focused squarely on two choices - <b>Stanford</b> and <b>Washington</b>. The question is, with the Cardinal still looking for a Head Coach, will that make a difference in the final equation?

"I'm doing good," Hooper said when asked how he's dealing with the tumult of the coaching changes around him. "Coach Tipton from Stanford called and told me that they should have things in place and that I should have a formal offer by next week. I expect I'll know where I want to go a day or two after I take my official trip. I would like it to get over with as soon as possible."

Trevor has moved his visit to Palo Alto up to this weekend to help speed along the process. He has also officially eliminated UCLA and Illinois from further consideration. It's down to the Cardinal and the Huskies.

He's been hearing one name that's leading the search. "I've heard Mike Riley," Trevor said. Will the anticipated offer from the Cardinal put them in the lead. "No," he said. "I still need to visit them to find out if that's the school I want to go to."

The Huskies are also awaiting the good word from Hooper. "Coach Hundley called a few nights ago," he said. "They aren't pressuring me at all. They said that they are hanging tough with me until things get worked out."

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