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  • Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson:
    General Comments: "First of all, I was really pleased with how our guys scrapped and played to the wire. Our guys have a great respect for Washington State, for the game and for the rivalry. I think it's the best second half that we've played in quite some time. I thought Isaiah did a great job coming off the bench. I think he's way more comfortable doing that than starting a game. I was disappointed for Casey. I felt we had some guys open, but he just missed 'em and they ended up in other people's hands. I thought our defense did about as well as they could. I thought it was unfortunate that someone who's had a big year (Scott White) for our defense would find a way to not show up on time for a practice. The rules are the rules and I left him home. But I'm pleased the way our guys scrapped. It's been an unbelievable eleven games. I don't know if I've ever seen a team have as many bad things happen to them and they never gave up the ship, never cashed it in. They were great to coach from start to finish and practiced hard. We didn't have a big margin for error with not being tremendously experienced. If you used a pointer and pointed to 12 to 14 guys in our depth, saying you can't lose those guys - we lost them. We've had a lot of bad things happen to us, a lot of bad luck, and we still kept bangin'. One of my favorite sayings is that adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it. And I think this team has a lot of character. We were short-handed some - we were on our third punt-snapper tonight and our fourth guys at some positions. It's been just one of those years."

    On what he'll miss: "It's going to be the people I've coached. The kids that come to Washington, they come because football is important to them and they are great kids to coach. And I'm not done coaching yet. Maybe I'll go to Franklin and teach the o-line for Mario (Bailey) next year. It's just the caliber of the young people that I've been around at Washington. And the Saturdays are special too. Going out of that tunnel and going onto the field - that's the real deal."

    On his last thoughts as time was ticking down: "I was hoping that we had another time out. That was a really big play that their quarterback made, that completion to their tight end on that third down. We could have gotten the ball back with two time out and the field position would have been pretty good. I felt like if we can get out of this drive we have a shot, but we never really got the ball back on that drive."

    : On possibly pulling Casey Paus earlier in the game: "That's 20/20. Casey had done some nice things at practice. I'm just glad for Isaiah (Stanback) that he was able to come in and do that. Maybe that'll give him some push for next year, and all those kids. You can't go home for the summer. And when you miss a day of working out, someone else is working out that you're going to be playing against. Those kinds of messages have to be learned. They have to get bigger and stronger and more physical. And I don't know if that would have eliminated all the injuries, like the Lobendahn thing - that was just a freaky-type of injury."

    : On something else that's been on his mind this week: "There's going to be times where things happen and people want to know, who is to blame? I think most everybody needs to spend their time on, it happened - now how are we going to make it better? Instead of pointing fingers and who's at fault - and I know it's going to go around and I have to live with my share - I would think the energy needs to be spent on getting it back right to the way we're all used to it being."

    On what he told the team at the end of the game: "I told 'em that I'm going to miss 'em and that I was proud of the effort and that it was the best second half we'd played in a long time. They have a duty to the uniform and the helmet, and that they need to get bigger, quicker, stron ger and faster and to have a better year next year than they had this year. Then I thanked the seniors."

    On Scott White missing a game: "He missed a practice. I really wasn't in the mood to listen to an excuse. We have an itinerary on Thursday, we go over the itinerary in the meeting, it's the last thing we go through before we see them. There's no excuse, 69 other guys made it."

    On James Sims taking over at tailback: "James did a good job. Kenny (James) got hurt. And James has done a nice job of hangning onto the ball and we've had such problems holding onto the ball the past three games. I felt like we needed to give James a chance and he did a nice job getting the ball upfield."

    On the switch at QB: "There was some talk about making the change at halftime, but I wanted to wait one series. Then we've got a drive going and then get a pick, so we made the change."

    On Chambers' touchdown catch: "We had that route twice in the first half and once we had Sonny Shackelford in back seven or eight yards and we ended up throwing the ball way over on the other sideline. We felt like we had that route a lot today and we should have hit one in the first half that would have made the game really interesting."

    On a possible push on Troy Bienemann's third-down catch to seal the win: "I couldn't see it from the sidelines, I was right on the line of scrimmage."

    On the officials: "I just thought they took their sweet time getting the 25-second clock going. I was just saying that they should be more consistent. They were rushing the whole game, and then when we needed them to rush, we don't get it started."

    On the players taking satisfaction from their effort this season: "I think they should. I have to live with 1-10."

    On whether or not he'll be taking any moral victories from this Apple Cup: "No. And there aren't very many in any endeavor. My business is a bottom-line business; it's wins and losses. This was a tough season for us and tough for me personally and I know it was tough for Husky fans. I would have love to have provided a lot more for them to cheer about and for our players, but that's just the way it was."

    On Stanback's play coming in as a backup: "I think there's a lot of pressure when starting a game. When you can watch the game develop and see things open up, you can watch the other guy and see what he's doing well and what he's missing. In a way, you can kind of put together your own little plan. Starting at quarterback is not as easy as some think it is."

    Washington State Head Coach Bill Doba:
    Hats off to Washington: "I want to congratulate Washington on a heck of a ballgame. I thought they battled like crazy. They are bdeat up and a lot of their good players weren't there. The ones that showed up today played their tails off. They battled right until the end. I thought they would fold but they just kept coming back."

    On winning the Apple Cup: "Don't let anybody ever tell you that this game doesn't mean anything. It means a whole lot. It's a great one to win. It's a springboard for the weight program and the off-season program and for spring ball. We ended the streak and we are trying to start a new streak. It wasn't easy. The Huskies are tough."

    On kickoff problems: "We are so beat up that we really don't have a great cover team. We kicked one deep and they brough the thing back up and looked like they were going to split it. We tried to kick it high left and high right and try to kick it to someone that doesn't field the ball all the time."

    Does it feel like you got a piano off your back?: "I don't know about that. It's only my second on, he'll I'm .500. I'll take that." Top Stories