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  • Jimmy Newell:
    On the season: "It's been tough. You certainly never expect to have a season like this. Coming to a school like Washington, with the success we had, the success we got to enjoy...early in my own career."

    Evan Benjamin:
    On the season: "It's been a long season, and it's one of those things where we've been so close, and it seems like we've been a step behind all season"

    On the Apple Cup: "It was a tough game. Both teams wanted it. We battled to the end and a few plays made the difference. It came down to the final snap. It was just a disappointing game."

    On Keith Gilbertson leaving: "It's definitely hard on him, and the seniors, and the coaching's one of those things where it's hard for me to explain where I'm at because I love him like my brother and I see him every day. It's one of those things where it's just hard. None of us really expected it to be like this, so you know, it's good to see the effort, young guys playing, young guys step up, and I'm just looking forward to next year. I'm just going to miss the coaching staff and the seniors leaving. I think he [Gilbertson] knows that we're all going to miss him. You really can't explain, some people just have something in their heart that you know, how much he means to this program. It's tough."

    Craig Chambers:
    On the Apple Cup: "I think we would have had a really good chance of winning that game if we'd had the ball a little bit longer."

    On moral victories: "A loss is a loss no matter how you look at it. It's really upsetting, after the game I was like 'Man we really lost the Apple Cup this year' but what can you do besides go back to the weight room and condition and get bigger and faster and hopefully next year have a better outcome than what we had tonight."

    On his touchdown: "It was cool because the whole game we had been running post corners and V-outs and the whole time it seemed like they were keying that because the corners would just sit on it and we decided to run a V-post. It's basically the same as a V-out except at the top of it you bust two posts instead of going out. {In English please?} The V-out, usually you run it with the V up, so you go in ten yards, up ten yards, and out, and that's what we'd been doing all game. On that one, we decided to go in ten yards, up five yards, and bust it to a post, so that worked because it seemed like they were squatting two guys down. One for the inside and one for the outside. The guy on the inside of me probably thought I was going to bust it out and instead we busted it in, so it seemed like it went pretty well."

    On the two-point conversion: "I had a feeling that Isaiah (Stanback) was going to come to me just because he kind of gave me a little bit of eye before the play, but the guy was squatting inside, so I didn't know if he was going to check off of me or what. On that play if the guy squats inside you're supposed to go to the other side, and I don't know, but it worked out fine, so I guess Isaiah saw something he liked."

    On coming back in the 4th quarter: "I think it's really important, if you look at it that way, us coming back in the second half, even though we lost, gives us a little more momentum going into next year. I thought that the guys really wanted it but there's just not enough time it seemed like because WSU realized that they only had about 2 minutes left in the game and they used the play clock really well. You couldn't control it. It was pretty much in their hands and they did a good job at the end of the game."

    On what he's going to do in the off-season: "I'm just going to try and get bigger basically, you know. Bigger and faster. That's all you really can do with the season over like this. You can't really focus on too many other things except for just trying to get more physical out there."

    Isaiah Stanback:
    On the touchdown to Craig Chambers: "When I'm out there I don't really pay attention to who I'm throwing to until the last second. I make my read, I see who's open, and it just so happened that it was Craig. I saw him, and they tried to come up and press him. Craig is really good when it comes to running fade routes and streaks, and I threw him one, and it just hit him in stride I guess."

    On the 4th quarter: "I felt like we were getting momentum. That's what we needed. We hadn't had anything going on, so we needed some sort of momentum, and I felt it started going our way. I was just happy that we ran that position. Just hoping that our defense would run out there and stop them and give us a little more time. I was hoping that we'd have another chance to make something happen."

    On the end of the game: "That first play we were just trying to get something going. We had to hit somebody, get them out of bounds for a fifteen-yard gain. Just get the ball downfield, but got some pressure up the middle, and coach was saying 'Don't take a sack', so I saw the guy running straight up the middle and I tried to go out the side and I ran into a defensive end who was spinning back inside so after that we tried to get back on the ball. I guess we weren't on the same page, the offensive line and myself. It just didn't work out. We tried hard."

    On Washington State: "They played good. We can't take that away from them. We didn't execute the way we should have the whole game, and that's the real reason why we lost. We had a good team. We know we didn't do up to our ability and that's what happened."

    On Coach Gilbertson's post-game speech: "Keith was just talking about pride and tradition and keeping it going. For the guys that are coming back, just to make sure everybody's here working out in the summer. This past summer we had a lot of guys that went home. This year, he said, make sure everyone's here, start working out, and turn it around. Don't let this ever happen again. I was trying my hardest to try and send those guys out. My own personal standpoint is I'm sorry they had to go out like that. We're going to be in there [the weight room]. As far as I know, Steve (Emtman) and Pete (Kaligis) are still here. We're going to get in there and go to work. I know I've got a lot of stress I'm going to take out on some weights. Hopefully everyone else feels the same way. We can get in there and just get ready. Keep it moving and get ready for spring ball."

    On the QB carousel this year: "This is just indecisive I guess. Just kind of uneasy not knowing what was going on until coach made that statement in the last 4 weeks that Casey was going to be the starter. That solidified it. Going into the half he was telling Carl and I to stay warm just in case. That's been the story of our lives this year, it's been up and down. I didn't give up any hope. I'm a competitor so I'm gonna keep playing. Whether I was starting or not starting, I knew I had to come out and be prepared to play in the games. Regardless of what happens, because as you've seen this year, you never know what will happen. I didn't prepare any differently, I just kept ready, and in situations like today just be ready to come in."

    On the third quarter change: "Coming in to the half coach was telling Carl and myself to get warm, just in case. He said he was going to give Casey a series or two more, and if he didn't get anything going...if the offense didn't get the ball moving he said he was going to give one of us a shot. Give me a shot and give Carl a shot if that didn't work out, so that's what happened."

    Stanley Daniels:
    On Scott White: "I talked to him [Scott White] one time last night, and you know. He said he was very upset he didn't get to make the trip. I think he would have contributed here greatly, but you know, the rules are the rules. When you break the rules, you have to pay the consequences. Unfortunately he had to pay the consequences on this day and, that's it. "

    James Sims:
    On moral victories and the Apple Cup: "You always want to win. Especially when it's the Apple Cup. A big game like this a lot goes in. A big tradition. I hate kind of being part of the team that you lose the Apple Cup, but it gives us something to build on next year. We feel like we have a little spark going into next year and we're looking forward to coming back and correcting a lot of things that we didn't get corrected in the off season. As far as player participation with summer workouts and all that stuff."

    On making the move from fullback to tailback: "I'll be wherever they need me. Even special teams." Top Stories