Washington vs. Eastern Washington Player Quotes

Needless to say, the Washington Huskies were pleased to get one back in the win column and do so with an exclamation mark with their defensive effort. Defense was the hot subject as the players shared their thoughts on the 89-56 victory over Eastern Washington.

Hans Gasser:
On getting extra playing time: "I got some time to help out the team and I made the most of it. I felt fine out there playing. It's like whenever i get the opportunity to get out there, I want to make the most of it."

On Hakeem Rollins' injury: "Hakeem wasn't sure before the game if he was going to play or not so obviously I knew I was going to get some more playint time than ususal so I was prepared for it. I played pretty well so hopefully I can do the same thing in the future when we need help off the bench."

Tre Simmons:
On taking over Brandon Roy's role: "I feel comfortable, but it really doesn't make a difference because I just have to go out there and play hard."

On the improved defense: "We didnt play up to our speed and our tempo (against Gonzaga). we just didn't play defense. I don't know if we were just out of it or just trying to think too hard about beating these guys, but we just got back to practice and played this game hard. We practiced all of our principles again, just like the first day of practice."

Nate Robinson:
"I think our team played tremendously well today. The guys on the bench brought it and our main objective for this game was play incredibly hard defense and show the coaches that we can get back from a loss."

On forcing 30 tunovers: "That's a lot. That's good. In practice we practice denying so much. We should have a lot of turnovers because we deny and play so aggressive on defense so with that, that's a great job for us. As a team, we should be happy with this but we should try to get better."

On playing a more aggressive game: "We definitely turned up our tempo because we lost and didn't play the defense we should have. We just wanted to send a message to our coaches that we can get down and defend the whole 40 minutes and we want to do that a lot this season."

Will Conroy:
"That's not how we play defense. We didn't play the defense we should have, and as a result, Gonzage outscored us. We had no problem scoring, but we did not defend the way we were supposed to and a s aresult, we practiced hard these last few days."

On intense practices: "The majority was defense. We got back to the defense. We got after it. They were short practices, but they were physical. We usually go over the other team's plays with our scouts but we didn;t even go over Eastern Washington's plays. We just stuck to our principles and coach told us, 'I don't care what they run. If we defend like we're supposed to defend and be where we're supposed to be, we'll win."

On overall thoughts about the game: "We did some good things and I think a few times, we slipped. And I'm sure Coach will have film on all the places where we slipped and we'll talk about it. We're aiming for perfection and that's what happens when you aim for perfection. You nitpick at all the little things. We'll find things we'll need to work on."

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