Coach's Corner

Well, It happened for the second straight year. The worthless Pac-10 commissioner and all his cohorts who regularly collect their paychecks from this conference, have let the BCS screw that same conference for yet another time.

Of course, it only happens in the sports of football and basketball, but then again, what should we really expect out of an administration that does little to fight for the teams it is paid to represent?

Pull out of the BCS! Take a stand! Show some guts or at least show something. This has become a national joke.

How do you keep Cal out of the BCS? How do you deny a Pac-10 team with a 10-1 record the right to play in the Grand Daddy of all of the Bowls? Especially when that one loss was to the number one team in the country by only six points, the same team that Cal beat last season.

Easy. Just point out the fact that they are from the Pac-10 conference. That will guarantee you no respect and no support in the NCAA or the BCS.

Last year the victims were the USC Trojans, who were denied the opportunity to play for all the marbles. They overcame it with a stellar performance in that same Rose Bowl and earning ½ the crown. This year it is the California Bears who have been denied the chance to play in their first Rose Bowl in over 50 years.

California does not get to represent the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl with a 10-1 record, but the Big Ten gets to send a 9-2 team. Strange.

After last year's BCS fiasco of excluding the Trojans from the championship game, one would have expected some kind of sparks to fly from the west coast.

Nothing. I heard the pin drop from my cabin on the Peninsula.

How can the conference leadership not fight for 5 million dollars? It doesn't do a lot to build a national reputation or get exposure, does it?

Check out their ridiculous bowl game arrangement that only includes one January game. Look up their equally ridiculous TV arrangement. Now this year, they don't even get to go to the Rose bowl.

The Pac-10 commissioner should get the Big 10 to bolt with them and pull out of this bias and ridiculous computerized crap.

I promise you that if Jeff Tedford were the coach at Washington, this wouldn't have happened to him. Why? Because Washington has some clout on its own, without this stupid conference. Washington is a recognized football school (yes, even with a 1-10 record in the books). They have a national reputation that would have placed them in the Rose Bowl without any assistance from this lame duck conference administration.

Explain to me how the Bears can be ranked 4th for over a month and not get into the BCS championship series. Yet an 8-3 Pittsburg team gets in? You can't explain it because the BCS folks can't explain it, either.

What we can face is that this smacks of the Pac-10 garnering little respect, little clout, and on the national scale, considered "weak".

Jeff Tedford should leave California because he has taken them to the best they will ever be and what did it get him? The Holiday Bowl in San Diego with a $1 million payout. Even my Cougar math tells me that the Pac-10 loses at least 4 million, give or take hundred thousand.

That is what belonging to the BCS gained the Pac-10 this year in football. Texas hoodwinked California. How did they get in when they didn't even get into their own "championship" game. They really finished 3rd in their own conference.

That, my friends, is clout epitomized

It's time for the Pac-10 to defend itself. They should take a lesson from their own Oregon Ducks, and start doing things to garner national attention. At least they are trying to do something to get their product more exposure.

The Pac-10 has no guts, has no strong leadership, and does more to harm its schools than it does to help them.

A perfect recipe for the BCS to prey upon, and a recipe for disaster for the California Golden Bears. Top Stories