<b>In this issue:</b><ul> <li>Trojans and Sooners set Miami date</li> <li>Auburn on the outside looking in</li> <li>Tedford on the hot seat for blowing Rose Bowl</li> <li>Eyes of Texas are on Pasadena</li> <li>Coach could be named at any second</li></ul>

Final Wrap
Race Bannon

The USC Trojans overcame the expected stiff resistance from the UCLA Bruins and stamped their tickets for the National Championship game at Joe Robbie Stadium in the Orange Bowl, but not at the Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl was burned down by angry Cane fans after Virginia Tech took the ACC title from the Canes in their own house. But we digress.

That is three losses for Miami this year, by the way. Larry Coker is in the witness protection program and Rick Neuheisel is rumored to be the Canes first choice as a replacement. Seems a bit of a gamble, but we are still digressing.

The Oklahoma Sooners will be the opponent of America's Team in the BCS Classic January 4th, 2005. The Trojans and Sooners have played some classic regular season games over the years. This will be their first post season game. Oklahoma is 0-1 in the Orange Bowl against Pac 10 teams, losing to the Washington Huskies in the 1985 game, 28-17. It takes talent to work a fact like that into this story after a 1-10 year.

Matt Leinart has a chance to join Nate Robinson's dad as a MVP of the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl. Jacque Robinson ended his Husky career as the Orange Bowl MVP after starting it as the Rose Bowl MVP. Is it possible that we are digressing again?

Auburn is forced to settle for an unbeaten SEC Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl to face the Hokies who slayed the Canes and won the ACC in their first year after the ACC didn't even really want them.

The Texas Longhorns finally reached a BCS bowl and will play just up the road from their Holiday Bowl home in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena. Mac Brown will face off against Michigan as the Horns attempt to bring home the no longer lustrous and now meaningless Rose Bowl title. Another institution trashed by the rampant commercialism that is a plague upon our society of sports. This paragraph was brought to you by AT&T.

Texas being in means that Cal is left out and that news was not well received in Strawberry Canyon. At Washington the fans are reasonable and patient and a 10-1 record with a Holiday Bowl bid is a pretty good season. But at a football factory like Cal, second place in the Pac 10 is hard enough to swallow, let alone not blowing out an average Southern Miss team at Brett Farve Field in Hattiesburg Mississippi and blowing the first Rose Bowl since 1959.

"I just wonder how much money we want to spend on Tedford," wondered the Cal AD as she looked at all the national title banners in Olympic Sports and the dearth of any football trophies under 50 years old. "Perhaps we need to rethink our thinking and not be too hasty in wasting, I mean… allocating finances to keep the coach and improve Earthquake Park. We could try to string him along with rumors of plans. We have lots of plans. Neat plans, secret plans and future plans. Let's give Jeff a plan!"

Meanwhile at the bombed out headquarters of the Evil Empire, new Emperor Mark Emmert is fast at work and this whole DFI issue could be irrelevant and out of date by the time it hits the stands.
Post Season Awards:

Pac 10 Bowlers - USC, California, Arizona State, UCLA, Oregon State

Cal gets Texas Tech at the Holiday, ASU gets Purdue in the Sun, and OSU gets the best match up with Notre Dame in Phoenix. The Irish don't have a coach. UCLA plays in the Las Vegas Bowl against Wyoming, who is coached by Joe Glenn. If he can beat the Bruins, hire him on the spot.

Most Over Rated - Oregon was picked 2nd or 3rd by most publications other than this one that picked them tenth. Since they finished 6th with no bowl and a losing record they performed far worse than the Huskies who only fell to tenth from a predicted 7th. Fans continue to call for Bellotti to be fired and Bellotti security forces continue to fire upon fans. DFI continues to call UO the most over rated team in the Pac 10.

Coach of the Year - Bill Doba was handed a dynasty and proceeded to burn it to the ground with a losing record and no bowl. Yet he kept his job because he went where no Coug has gone before this century, to the winners circle of the Apple cup. His work has not gone unnoticed as he is now rumored to be the front runner for the Notre Dame job.

Player of the Year - Casey Paus won the opponents poll for this award, but since we don't allow cheap shots against Husky players we give the award to: JJ Arrington. We are a sucker for a great running back that can gain 100 yards every game every time.

Bowl of the Year - It is a tie between Miami and Florida in the Chock Full of It Bowl and Louisville against Boise State in the Liberty Bowl. The Canes and Gators always make it entertaining, and Husky fans can watch Petrino and Hawkins on the same field.

Self Proclaimed College Football Expert of the Year - I humbly accept this award on behalf of myself and would like to thank all the little people who helped in a very small way to make this all possible. Mallard, Troy, and Rob – you're all fired!

In the weeks to come we will follow the coach search, preview bowl games, review the season, cover recruiting if UW decides to do any recruiting this year and find other excuses to publish this award winning magazine until the last game is played. As always, without our readers, we'd still be great, but no one would know it! So thank you for being you - Race Top Stories