Coach's Corner

Ok. No Steve Spurrier, no Urban Meyer, no Dan Hawkins, no Bobby Petrino, and no Jeff Tedford. None of these men will coach the Washington Huskies. All five were excellent coaches and all five showed little or no interest in moving to the great northwest.

That leaves a little over 100 coaches who will. No need to panic. Contrary to our message board venting here at you may have read recently, the current leadership of Mark Emmert and Todd Turner do have a clue about what they're doing.

They will find a good coach with a good idea of how to turn this thing around. I have no doubts of this.

I just wonder, just for argument sake, why you wouldn't just take Tyrone Willingham so you could start recruiting west coast kids right now, instead of waiting for the first of January?

This isn't an endorsement, but more of a baloon to float across the landscape to see how long it floats. Discuss that amongst yourselves for a minute or three.

Still, we are all left with a lot of whys. Why would Tedford stay where he is at, knowing that he will always be swimming upstream against the liberal faculty senate at Cal? He has a new athletic director and a new paycheck but he still has the same old Berkley and the same old stadium and the same old apathy for football. If he thinks that is a better football situation, then I guess I must applaud his loyalty, but question his understanding of what a real football school is. I wish him the best of luck.

Turns out that Tedford was the only one of the "Big 5" that are known publicly that the UW took a real shot at. There was no way either Spurrier or Meyer were coming to Seattle. Petrino gets to play in the Big East starting next year, and that's a good gig. For Hawkins, half of a million a year in Boise goes a long ways. Good for him.

What is really cool about this year's search is that it is being played so close to the vest. The administration has asked for input from some of us, but is ardently NOT seeking any active roles from the mucky mucks in the actual decision making. That tells me that these two men know a thing or two about the sport of football. Something that was entirely missing from those who made the last two selections.

Mark Emmert and Todd Turner will pick who they want and go with it. It's that simple. This decision will be made by those two men, not some stupid committee. I like that. It shows some strength at the top and it's also those two that are doing all of the groundwork.

Which reminds me, if we can fire coaches after only 2 or 3 years why can't we fire commissioners after 20? It's time for Tom Hansen to go. Count that as my one digression today.

Back to Tyrone Willingham for a minute. I think he got screwed at Notre Dame. Those folks in South Bend still believe that they're still the elite of college football . . . I know, Washington has slipped from the elite as well, but at least we can all admit it . . . The Irish's arrogance caused them to lowball Meyer. That was a mistake.

What cannot be argued is that Tyrone Willingham is a candidate who has class and character, and has a tremendous reputation in the game. He is a no nonsense coach who commands respect from his players simply because he is so straight up. That is pretty much not up for debate.

What is up for debate is whether or not it translates into wins here or not. I do believe that Tyrone could restore a lot of the needed national respect to program immediately. He also would make a great run at Jonathan Stewart and could be a great recruiter to this school. In a lot of ways it would be a win-win situation, and I am confident he would take the Huskies to a bowl game very soon.

The other thing that makes him attractive is that he could be here before the Christmas vacation, thereby giving him time to put together a staff over the holidays (which coincides with the dead period in football recruiting). Then once the dead period lifts they would hit the ground running and be back into the recruiting race.

I don't have a vote in this, and I know they probably already have somebody in mind. I also know that ex-Husky ties are not essentially important and therefore Chris Tormey, Gary Pinkel and Scott Linehan are probably not in their sites.

Given those facts, it's hard for me to not cast my vote with a true gentleman, a man who not only wins games but makes sure his kids get their degrees.

That is what Tyrone Willingham has been doing at Stanford and at Notre Dame, two very difficult places to win at. Washington would be an easier place to do that. It's intriguing to say the least, isn't it? Top Stories