Solomona breaks it down

Chris Solomona is a 6-5, 285-pound defensive tackle from San Pedro (Calif.) El Camino College, and Solomona took an official weekend to the University of Oregon. With Chris having previously committed to Washington, how did he find the friendly confines of Eugene, Oregon?

"It was a great trip," he told today. "I got a chance to meet all the players and the coaches. We also saw the facilities and their stadium is under construction. They are making it bigger. I had a good time. Eugene is a smaller town and football is really big there. It's everything. It's big-time there."

Chris' host was Igor Olshansky. "Yeah, he's a big russian dude," he said. "He's a freshman and supposedly he's the strongest guy on the team. I've heard he can bench close to 500 pounds."

The trip to Eugene has put a bit of a crimp into Solomona's plans as far as making a decision. "I have to say that they definitely made it harder for me," he said. "In the beginning I didn't have Oregon up there on my list at all but they are definitely now one of my top three teams. We'll see what happens."

The other two schools Solomona is considering are Washington and Arizona. "It's going to come down to these next two weeks and just getting information from all the coaches and then making my decision. I just want to see what they all have to offer and see what they all have to say. Right now I'd have to say it's a dead-smack tie."

Chris did have one coach in particular last night. "Coach (Tom) Williams visited me last night," he said. "We had a very good conversation. He broke it all down for me and showed me all the facts and stats for the last 20 years, showing me how it's the most suitable place for me."

Chris initially signed with Washington out of San Pedro High School and then reaffirmed his commitment to the Huskies this winter after another official visit. With things so up in the air, is it reasonable to think that the third time would be a charm? "Absolutely," he said. "I'm completely wide open, but for different reasons. My parents and especially my father want me to commit to Arizona but I told them that I've always had a thing for Washington and it's still there. I will make my own decision and my parents will support me on it. One of the things Coach Williams asked me was 'Why not Washington?', and that's a very good question. They've been a dominant team for a very long time but I have to sort things out and once February comes around I'll make my decision."

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