McKnight taking it all in stride

Rhema McKnight is a 6-3, 190 pound receiver from Buena Park (Calif.) Kennedy and McKnight just returned from his third official visit, this time to the cool climes of Seattle, Washington and the University of Washington. McKnight is currently the #5 ranked receiver in the country by What did he think of the Huskies?

"It was a pretty nice trip. It was good," McKnight told tonight. "I really liked everything about it. There were some good guys up there and the coaches were nice. It's a nice city and a nice school."

Rhema talked a little bit about the Emerald City. "Seattle is real nice," he said. "Especially downtown. It was a little cold up there, but it's going to be different weather anywhere that I go. It's not going to be like it is in California, so I would have to adjust to anywhere I go." He said that he'll either choose psychology or sociology as his major in college.

Khalif Barnes was Rhema's host. "He just kept telling me what a great place Washington is to go to," he said. "He was really pumping it up." All the coaches took a hand in showing Rhema around, including Rick Neuheisel. "Coach Neuheisel talked to me about the depth chart and let me know that a couple of players are injured and may not be able to play much next year and that if I come in and work hard and practice hard that I could come in and start or at least get a lot of playing time. He even showed me a few routes they run."

Right now Rhema doesn't have any other trips planned and isn't sure what is in store for the rest of the process. "I was thinking I was going to announce on signing day, but with all the coaching changes going on, I'm not sure anymore. It throws everything kind of up in the air."

McKnight's previous trips were to Oregon and Florida. To his way of thinking, Washington's trip was just more of the same. "Every school has been good, but they all have their ups and downs," he said. "I would say that this trip was about the same as the others. I just need to sit down and figure out where I fit in, on the field, socially and academically."

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