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Jarrad Page is a 6-0, 180-pound cornerback prospect from San Leandro, California and Page has been busy hitting the official visit circuit. With only one official left, Jarrad may be thinking about adding another trip to his busy schedule, albeit an unofficial one.

"I'll be going up to Oregon next week and I might be going to USC on an unofficial visit," the number 16 defensive back in the country told Dawgman.com tonight. "Right now I can't pick between UCLA and Washington, but if there was a third team it would be USC. They have a good baseball team. I don't really like where they are located but they are in Southern California, so that's a good thing. Oregon doesn't have a baseball team, but I want to still check them out because they are winning a lot of games up there. I just want to see what it's like up there."

Jarrad just got back from an official trip to Washington this past weekend. "It was a lot of fun up there," he said. "Coach Neuheisel is a great coach. It was great to check out his house. He's cool. I like him a lot."

Page's host was Derrick Johnson. "Derrick had a party at his house the first night we were there, and that was a lot of fun. Me, Rhema (McKnight) and Frederick (Collins) were all hanging out, cracking jokes and having fun. It was a good time. Derrick told me that if I'm a good player that I'll get a chance to get on the field. That's how it is up there." Jarrad said that the three recruits had a great time up there and talked a little about all playing at the same school.

Jarrad played cornerback and running back for San Leandro but all the schools recruiting him are looking at him as a punishing and ball-hawking safety. "I didn't really start playing free safety until I was practicing for the All-Star game (CaliFlorida), but I like it. I can see myself playing there. Coach Neuheisel said that they really need safeties and that I could get a chance to play, help cover the slot, things like that."

So with two clear leaders and a third that is making strong headway, when it Jarrad going to make his decision? "I don't really know," he said. "I'm not even sure about that. I'll know it when it all clicks."

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