Benn commits to Washington

Jason Benn, the 6-4, 240-pound athlete from Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea has made a decision, a decision that won't shock a lot of Washington fans that have been watching his brother tear it up as a Husky. Jason is also going to be a Dawg.

"I've been talking with my parents about my decision, just seeing what I should do," Benn told tonight. "They love my decision. They've been behind me 100 percent and they were behind my decision but they wanted me to go to U-Dub. They were always trying to hint towards it and I was a little resistant at first. I wanted to do my own thing a little, but now it's fine."

Jason certainly got some input from big brother. "Kyle always wanted me to go to U-Dub," he said. "He helped me out a lot, actually. He let me know with recruiting what he went through. Going on my visit and looking at all the facilities I decided that it was the best place for me. I've always wanted to go there. He told me straight up that he would be pissed if I went to Oregon or Oregon State." (laughs)

UCLA and Kansas were other schools Benn was looking at, but it was never really very serious. "That's what was going to happen this weekend and I was also looking at Kansas, but that was really nothing," he said. "I just talked to the U-Dub coaches and committed to them last week. I committed to Coach Neuheisel. He said that it was great to have me and that he was looking forward to seeing me next year and to keep in touch. We've been talking."

Benn will be doing his damage on the offensive side of the football. "They want me as a tight end," he said. "I don't have a preference. I think tight end will be fine."

With basketball and his studies occupying his time, Benn had little extra for the reporters trying to get a quote here and there. "I was trying to avoid talking to the reporters until I got it straightened out in my own mind first," he said. "But now I have and it's great."

Any last thoughts for Husky fans Jason? "I want to win the Rose Bowl!"

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