Ala wrapping things up

Brandon Ala is a 6-3, 225-pound defensive end from Honolulu (Hawaii) Kamehameha and Ala is getting down to the end of the recruiting process. From early on, two schools have been making their impressions upon him, and now it's getting down to the home stretch.

"Today I visited with the Oregon and Washington coaches," Ala told last night. "I met with the position coach from Oregon. It went pretty good."

The Huskies countered with their 'heavy ammo'. "I met with Coach Neuheisel and Coach Williams," Brandon said. "Coach Neuheisel is a really open man. He's comfortable to be around with. My parents really hadn't met the Oregon or Washington coaches before, so it was really for them because I already talked to them on my trip. My parents felt comfortable around both the Oregon and the Washington coaches."

Ala had previously stated a preference for the Dawgs, but the Ducks have closed the gap considerably. "I'm going to decide between Oregon and Washington," he said. "They both have beautiful facilities. They are state of the art. The weight rooms, the practice facilities, the stadiums and they are both sponsored by Nike. Their basketball stadiums were nice. I was impressed by both. Their campuses were both nice. They are pretty equal right now."

Brandon does have a plan as to when he'll arrive to his final decision. "Well, I want my parents to meet the Head Coach from Oregon first and then make a decision. He's coming in next week (Monday) and then hopefully I'll make a decision that week or maybe the week after."

Right now, Ala is very non-committal about a preference. "I don't know," he said. "I'm not leaning one way or another. They are both good. I feel confident about both."

Regardless of where Brandon decides to attend, he'll be amongst friends. "I talk to Donny Mateaki," he said. "He said he committed and he's really excited about going to Washington and he told me that it would be really exciting if I choose to go their with him. And one of my best friends, Enoka Lucas, is committed to Oregon. He's really trying to pull me in."

Who else does he know at Oregon? "I know Kellen Clemens. He was my host for my recruiting trip."

And the Huskies? "Oh yeah. I met Manase Hopoi on my trip, Zach Tuiasosopo, Willie Kava, Joe Lobendahn, Kenny Walker. There are some other Polynesians I met on my trip. It would be nice to hang out with your type of crowd, but it would also be nice to be around people you don't normally hang around with."

Brandon continues to assert that he is enjoying the process and that he can't lose when it comes down to it. "I don't find it difficult because I like both schools a lot," he said. "They are both equal. I feel comfortable around both."

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