Davis sold on three

Mike Davis Jr. is a 6-3, 190-pound safety prospect from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral and Mike has three schools on the brain. After visiting each one officially, he has a good idea where things stand as far as what each one has to offer. So what now?

"I've been asking my Dad for advice and he told me, 'Mike, you need to sit down, take some time and go over the visits and everything you saw," Davis told Dawgman.com tonight. "Break it up piece by piece into section and compare. Then look at your major and the rankings of your major. Then it's all about if you felt comfortable from a football aspect. Which team did you feel had better unity and which team do you feel you be the most successful with? And while you are getting your education, which team do you think you can help get the wins they expect?'. So I'm basing it on all that and taking some time."

The three schools Davis is considering are Arizona State, Washington and Purdue. Purdue was the first school to come calling with a scholarship offer. "It was really nice up there," Mike said when asked about his visit. "They had my major and everything. The coaches were really cool. They were a really nice bunch of guys." The Boilermakers want Mike as a defensive back. "I've been playing corner at high school so I'm used to that," he added.

This week, coaches from Tempe and Seattle have both visited Mike and his family and have enjoyed some genuine home cooking. "I had an in-home visit from Coach English from Arizona State and I also had an in-home visit from Coach Neuheisel, the man himself," Mike said. "And Coach Hauck too."

How did the visit go with Coach English? "He was just telling me that he is looking forward to keeping in touch and hoping to have me in Arizona," he said. "Stuff like that. That was pretty much it. He had dinner with us and then he had to go to Bakersfield."

Mike said it was more of the same with Neuheisel and Hauck. "That was great too," he said. "They seemed to be taken aback when they saw all of my Dad's trophies. It was pretty much the same deal as with Coach English. My Dad made BBQ chicken with green peas and rice." Who ate more, Neuheisel or Hauck? "I'd have to say Coach Neu," Mike said with a laugh.

Neuheisel let Davis know from the get-go that he's all about giving Mike the love. "He's like 'Mike, I know you're going to be a Husky and everything. You need to come out," and things like that." (laughs) I told him that I'm still as interested as I can be in Washington but I'm not ready to commit, not at this point. But I know that come signing day there's a real good chance that I could be a Husky."

With the three schools set, Mike has let all the other suitors know his intentions. "I had one trip set up to go to Baylor but I decided to cancel it. I have three schools I really like and they all have the major I want. And I called Wisconsin and basically crossed them off my list."

Mike broke down the pluses for each school. "I look at Washington and they've been winning for 25 years," he said. "They've already shown they can win a national championship in '91 and they've shown they can get to the Rose Bowl and the big bowls. And I think they are only one or two DB's away from getting back to a national championship. That really pumps me up about Washington."

And the Boilermakers and Sun Devils? "Then I look at Purdue and it's the same thing," he said. "They've been in bowl games for 5 straight years. They've shown that they know how to win, they know how to get it done. If their offense gets together, they could make a run at a national title too. And ASU, they are beefing up their schedule and they are getting new guys. They had a young team last year, a lot of freshman and redshirt freshman starters. So I take that into consideration and I put myself in the mix and I think that hey! These guys got four wins with players without a lot of experience. They are going to improve and could make a run at either a national championship or a Rose Bowl in the next two years."

The 'cons' side of the coin is what is going to make the difference for Davis. The problem right now is, he can't find any. "I can't find any cons with Washington," he said. "It was funny because people were saying 'Hey, you are from California. That rain's gotta bother you.' But you can't be scared off by the weather. If you can't handle the weather, the summer in Phoenix is gonna kill you. Or that winter in Indiana is gonna kill you. But what people don't realize is that we get our share of rain in LA and we welcome that. And we get our share of heat, and people welcome that. And I've spent time in Detroit, so the cold and snow isn't a problem. So I can't see a con with the weather. All the schools hold a large amount of prestige. That's all I'm looking for right now is a con, something that tells me I shouldn't go to that school."

Mike's parents seem intent on following their son's wishes, but Dad has an idea as to where he'd like his son to go. "Well, my Mom just wants me to go where I feel I can get the best out of my education and my game," he said. "My Dad is saying the same thing but he also thinks that my true position is safety. He is thinking Washington is a better fit because he feels that given time with the rate of my growth that safety would be my true position. He says that I have great speed, quickness and break on the ball, and usually you want your most athletic guy at the safety spot."

A final decision is already in the works. "I think it's days right now," Mike said of the final countdown. "Some people like to hold out past the signing date, but I told myself that I'm not going to hold out. I don't want to make any drama out of it. I'm going to have a decision at least three days before signing day."

Mike ended the conversation on this note. "I can say that all three are equal right now, but that's not enough for me to break my commitment (to Arizona State)," he said. "My commitment still stands, but at the same time I am weighing all three schools equally. Until one school pulls ahead, that's when I can say my commitment is broken."

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