An offer helps

Tyrone Davis (6-3, 230, 4.8, 3 star defensive end) from Olympia (Wash.) has narrowed his choices to two schools--Oregon State and Washington.

"Right now it's between Oregon State and Washington because they've offered," said Davis. "I also like Washington State and Idaho State a lot too. If they offered I'd seriously consider them too." Davis also has an offer from Eastern Washington and will be visiting them on January 14. He also has a trip scheduled to Washington on January 7 and already visited Oregon State on December 3. "I like Oregon State because they are an up-and-coming program in the Pac-10. But so is Washington now. Washington probably has better tradition, but haven't done as well as Oregon State recently. But with Tyrone Willingham as the new head coach, I'm sure Washington will be getting better and I'm sure they'll earn the respect back in the Pac-10.

"I also really like the defensive line coach (Randy Hart) at Washington. He's a good guy and I love his intensity. He really gets into it.

"I'm looking for a whole environment. Corvallis and Seattle are pretty different. Corvallis is a small town, while Seattle is pretty big. I live in Olympia which is probably in between those two size-wise, so I think I'd be able to fit in either.

"Washington State and Idaho State haven't really talked about a scholarship offer at all. They still keep in touch, but don't really focus on that. If they do offer, I'll definitely try to visit them. I like the positive changes that Idaho State is making and I'm sure they'll be a more competitive team in the future.

"Even though Eastern Washington is DIAA and not in the Pac-10, I've heard a lot of good things about them. One of my coaches went there and he really recommends them so I've always kept them in my top five but way below Washington and Oregon St."

960 SAT

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