Jackson visiting UW mid-week

Eddie Jackson is a 6-4, 215-pound receiver who is currently playing his football at Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College. With a need at receiver, the Dawgs are putting a late rush on Eddie for his signature on a letter-of-intent sheet. To that end, they have done something a little out of the norm.

"I'm heading up to Washington on Wednesday," Eddie told Dawgman.com today. "I've been to West Virginia (1/11) and just got back from Southern Mississippi. I liked both places. They both said I could come in and play right away, which is what I'm looking for."

Jackson will continue his whirlwind tour with a trip to Purdue this weekend, followed by a visit to Kansas the following weekend. "There are some other schools that want me to visit, like Baylor, Indiana and Ohio State, but I'm not going to those schools."

Jackson is originally from Columbus (Ohio) South, where he was intent on becoming a Buckeye. "I was supposed to go to Ohio State but I didn't have the grades," he said. "It just didn't work out." He took only one visit, to Eastern Michigan, his senior year. "I ended up going to a prep school, Fork Union, in Virginia. That's a place people can go to work on their academics after high school. A lot of schools wanted me out of prep school too, like Georgia. I would have gone to Georgia, but the coaching change mixed things up."

Then Eddie once again packed his bags and moved to Kansas. "I had a lot of JUCO's ask about me, and I told them I would sign with the first one that would send the papers. They ran the ball a lot last year, and I haven't really had big 'stat' years but I can definitely make plays."

Jackson describes his style. "Being a big receiver, I can go against those smaller DB's and overpower them. Bump and run is nothing to me. 2 deep zones, 3 deep...nothing to me."

Apparently the Washington coaches were intrigued with Jackson. "I've talked to Coach Neuheisel and Coach Axman," he said. "I guess they talked to one of my coaches during a coaches clinic in Texas, so that's how they found out more. They had been sending me letters, but I never expected a call. They told me that they need me and that they have another big receiver (Reggie Williams) that reminds them of me."

Distance isn't an issue for Eddie. "No way," he said. "I've been travelling everywhere since high school. I had to live in Virginia for a year out of high school. I'm used to moving around." And right now he doesn't have a favorite school. "I'm just waiting and watching right now, listening to everything everybody has to say."

Jackson will finish up his degree in May and be available for the fall of 2002 with three years to play two.

A big thank you to Kevin Lustgarten of JC Football for help on this article.

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