Trip report - Tyrone Davis

There was a Pac-9 feel to Washington's visit list this past weekend. Pac-9? Well, with Tim Williams from Chehalis W.F. West and Tyrone Davis from Olympia in town, it makes sense. Tony Davis told about his trip to Montlake and whether or not it ended with a verbal commitment.

Former Bear and current UW fullback Luke Kravitz was Tyrone's host. What stood out in the 48 hours Davis spent with the Huskies? "Mainly the academic support system they have up there, with the academic counselors and all of that," he said. "It just seemed like a comfortable setting, like you get a lot of moral support."

Tyrone also mentioned the campus tours as another part of his visit that stood out. Of all the players Davis met, Johnie Kirton stood out. "He's a big guy," was all Tyrone needed to say.

And what about the new Huskies' head coach? "He was talking about general stuff, just about what he wants to do with the program, what direction he's leading toward," said Davis. "He seems like a really impressive guy. He seems like he knows his work."

The Huskies wanted Tyrone to make a commitment. "They told me that they aren't going to pressure me, that it's all on me," he said. "I told them that I would let them know what I'm going to do next week."

Despite that proclamation, Davis is expected to visit Eastern Washington next weekend.

And when asked about a favorite between his two top teams, Oregon State and Washington, Davis couldn't choose. "No, I'm not leaning one way or another. I'm neutral," he said.

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